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I hope the photograph of the yummy burger caught your attention? Heh!

This is the last entry I’m putting up to document our recent 2 weeks Europe trip to Paris, London & Amsterdam.
It was my first time to Amsterdam and it really is a lovely city!
Wish they had more signs in English around though! :p

Our apartment was in Prinsengracht area, just minutes away from the major attractions in the city.
This is my favourite apartment out of all 4 we stayed in during the trip.
We found this apartment from AirBNB.
In case you’re also planning your next trip to Amsterdam, we paid approximately S$200 per night for this apartment.
Pretty good deal if you ask me for a place so pretty and sparkling clean! πŸ™‚


Our stay in Amsterdam was pretty short and for some reason, I realized I didn’t take much pictures while we were there.
Wasn’t able to document out tour around the red light district too.
Nevertheless, this city is truly one of its kind.


Thank you for the beautiful memories, Amsterdam!



I actually just came back from a short weekend trip from Bangkok too.
Was there with A, Sinsin and Lianie, and the main purpose of the trip was to lug back as much things as possible.
It was actually a sourcing trip and we managed to bring back some cutlery and crockery for the upcoming cafe – total 80kg worth of stuff!

From the moment we decided we wanted to have a cafe, everyday has been mad rush for A and I.
We are a two-men-team and trying to deal with every single thing on our own is just pure insanity!

That said, I think we were really fortunate as well, to be honest.
The Tiramisu Hero has been progressing really well and we will soon be having another 2 distributors in Singapore!
We have also confirmed our first franchise, and it will be in…

Screen shot 2013-06-09 at AM 01.56.07


This is really exciting for us because Sir Antonio and his tiramisu will soon be made available in all parts of Japan!
We just sent our Japanese guests home earlier this afternoon after a three-day training session with them.
I think it is a really competitive market in Japan when it comes to F&B, especially so if it’s desserts.
They are so good with their sweets – from taste to packaging!
The Tiramisu Hero Singapore team (which is just A and me lah! Haha!) wish our Japan team all the best!

Here is Biore and Watatsuma from Japan and Yiru, our interpreter.
We brought them to Antoinette for desserts. Heh!

It was actually quite funny having to explain everything about ourselves in Chinese.
As much as I’m pretty comfortable conversing in Chinese,
it can still get quite difficult explaining certain terms in good Mandarin.
All I can speak in Japanese is from 1 to 10 and basic greetings.
And all the Mandarin the Japanese ladies knew was ε―Ήε―Ήε―Ή and 不ηŸ₯道.

But we knew we were doing it right when the Japanese goes “SUGOI SUGOI!”
after the interpreter let them know what we are talking about.

Screen shot 2013-06-09 at AM 01.58.44

OK that’s a really bad photo because it was taken on A’s cellphone.
To be honest, it was really quite an eye opening experience interacting with the Japanese.
I mean, I have been to Japan and met a couple of Japanese before.
But these ladies were super courteous and I am constantly worried if I had been rude while I was with them. 😑
Like when we dropped them off at their hotel, they would stand at where we dropped them,
smile and wave at us until our car is out of sight!
Hahaha. Oh my god. Really super courteous until I’m a little uncomfortable.
(But yeah it’s a good thing la)

A told me there was one time she went to a public toilet in Japan and when a lady came out from the cubicle,
she apologized to A repeatedly that she made A wait for the cubicle! My word!
We also joked about how the parking ticket auntie in Japan must have led a very guilty life. HAHA!


I now cherish the few times I get to (put on some makeup and doll up) to head out for parties or events.
I wore my new top from Three Frocks to attend the Furla Candy Bag event at Paragon.
Under normal circumstances I would never wear a cropped top, but that was one of my feeling-skinny days, so yup. Heh!


I received many compliments for this top and I love it a lot too because it’s so cute!
The online store where I got it from is also holding a pop-up event to celebrate their launch in the Singapore market.
If you are free tomorrow (8th June 2013) from 12.30pm to 5pm, head on down to 17 Jalan Pinang to catch Three Frocks.


By the way, the Furla bag I received was a little Cookie!
I LOVE the colour and I’m amazed at how much I can put into this tiny thing.


Before I go, I would also like to declare my love for my new YSL! Hahaha.
Bought this one in Europe. Super love!
Am rocking my new chiffon blazer from Runway Bandits as well!


Have an awesome day ahead and I promise I’ll be back with more updates real soon!


  1. summer – thank you! not really international la lol. But every little step forward matters! πŸ™‚

    tricia – i lugged them all the way back from london!


  2. Congrats on your first go international, hopefully there will be more coming. Also good luck with the new coming cafe πŸ™‚


  3. Joanne says

    Hi Peggy where did you get your black sandals you were wearing in this post?


  4. Dezenna Kua says

    Hi Peggy! I’m heading to Amsterdam in May and looking for a perfect air bnb apartment to stay in. May I know the name of the place u stayed in? πŸ™‚


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