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Tian Yuan Xiang 田原香滴鸡精

We are what we eat. As I grow older, I realised the importance of making good choices when it comes to food, supplements and other nourishments. As a child, chicken essence almost always meant the exams are coming. My Mom would often prepare chicken essence for me the night before a major paper or in the morning before I headed to the exam hall. To be honest, I really liked the taste of chicken essence as well (always hoped it comes in a bigger portion because it’s such a tasty soup!).

Today’s post is all about premium chicken essence brand from Taiwan, Tian Yuan Xiang 田原香滴鸡精.

I think what commanded my respect from this brand is their belief of how poultry farming should be kept natural and ethical, keeping their products strictly free of drug and antibiotics, and the hard work put into refining the process from free range chickens to top-quality products.

And the Tian family has been doing this for three generations!

When I first received the products, I was told that I need to keep the chicken essence in the freezer. So it turns out that the chicken essence that I had picked contains no preservatives, so it needs to be stored in freezer until ready for consumption.

The chicken essence comes in little sachets like this, storage is easy as it really doesn’t take up too much space in the freezer.

The one I had chosen is Chicken Essence with Nourishments.

It comes in 20 separate packets 60cc each, and is retailing at S$230.
Fun fact: They used 3.5 chickens to prepare this 20 packets!

One of the main Chinese herb in this choice is Dendrobium Nobile.
(I Googled – it is really just a very pretty orchid)
Dendrobium Nobile is also called 石斛 (shi hu) in Chinese, and in TCM, it is known for a plethora of benefits including and not limited to:
– Nourishing Yin and body fluid [Good for us girls!]
– Enhancing physical fitness [YAS!]
– Strengthening tendons and lowering lipid
– Nourishing the skin [YAAAAASSS!!!]
– Prolonging life
(Information courtesy of the world wide web)

See more information about this specific choice of chicken essence I picked here.

It contains several nourishing-yin herbs that are believed to replenish your body fluids, relieve internal heat and help you sleep better at night. Oh! And it is also Halal certified!


Just a reminder that Chicken Essence with Nourishments needs to be stored in the freezer.

1. Cut aluminium bag while essence is still frozen

I managed to empty the contents into the bowl easily.

2. Put into a bowl and throw on a lid
3. Microwave or double boil to 100°C

* Do not store or re-freeze chicken essence that you cannot finish
(Aiya but sure can finish because it’s very tasty, guys!) :p

– – –

The furkids liked it and wanna steal it from me. :p

The Singapore flagship can also be found in United Square –
101 Thomson Road, #B1-24A United Square, Singapore 307591

They are holding their Customer Appreciation Sale (30/5-16/6):

1 Box- 5% OFF
3 Boxes- 9% OFF + $10 Takashimaya Voucher
6 Boxes- 12% OFF + $20 Takashimaya Voucher
10 Boxes- 15% OFF + $50 Takashimaya Voucher

Tian Yuan Xiang also provides partial delivery service. So it’ll be super convenient as a choice for the upcoming Father’s Day!

Tian Yuan Xiang is also participating in 2019 Food Fiesta at Takashimaya (Takashimaya Square B2), so besides purchasing online or in their store at United Square B1, you can also find them there. 🙂

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