Month: September 2015

Stockholm and Kiruna

In 2011 Beijing, it was -10 degrees C, but it did not snow. In 2015 January, Seoul, it hit 0 degrees C, but no it did not snow. (IT RAINED! Busket….) 2015 February, Padova, there was snow all around on the floor, but I did not see falling snow. *dreads* 2015 is the year I first saw falling snow. And Sweden is that special place. My light-chasing trip to Sweden is one of the best vacation I’ve ever had.


My week-long stay in Padova, Italy in January 2015 gave me some of the fondest memories I have in Europe. A and I took on a dessert making crash course with Manuelina Culinary and it was the best choice we’ve ever made! (Not an ad ok) The class was so comprehensive, and we came back totally inspired and enlightened. We also met some of the nicest people whom we still contact regularly until now. Let me take you to the beginning of the journey. The night before the flight – which is always the most horrible night because of the packing and the anticipation of the long flight (hate long flights) ahead. Pfft! It took us 1 transit, 13 hours on Emirates to arrive at Malpensa in Milan.


We will be flying off to San Francisco this November. It’s time to seal the deal! Last February, we promised each other that we would always be together. And from now, it is just another two more months before the real deal happens! I am so excited and so looking forward to everything I can’t even…

Hokkaido Fresh Milk

Flown in FRESH from Hokkaido dairy farms, Hokkaido Fresh Milk is impossibly fresh and I can totally taste it with every sip! I have tried fresh milk from various brands when we were picking a suitable brand for the café. I always thought I know fresh milk very well (plus I like to drink milk lah!), but Hokkaido Fresh Milk is really different from what I’ve tried before because it is SO very light but creamy! Hokkaido Fresh Milk is synonymous with freshness and quality. They make up 52% of the total dairy volume in Japan and are self-sufficient; producing and supplying most food items for themselves. Each and every cow has their physical condition checked daily, has spacious resting area, are fed the best mix of coarse feed and they are only milked during their prime years. I don’t know about you, but knowing such information about where my food come from really gives me a peace of mind! The quality of milk is akin to the quality of care the cows’ experience. And …