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Moonlight Sea

When Perci first emailed me about travelling to Taiwan again to visit Taiwan East Coast, my heart skipped a beat. I recalled the first time visiting Yilan with them and how I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, the idea of visiting a new region of Taiwan with the locals really thrilled me. I’ve never been much of a solo traveller, in fact, I’d even call myself quite an anxious solo traveller. It is something that I’m still trying to work on. The idea of being on my own in a foreign land is intimidating, probably because I’m a worry wart who constantly thinks about all the things that might go wrong while being on my own in an unfamiliar place. (What if I fall sick? What if the turbulence is bad? What if I get robbed? What if I lose my way?) I sometimes get anxiety from feeling obligated to interact with strangers too, I think that boils down to me being a little too self-conscious. *shrugs* Anyways! – I’ve never heard much about Taiwan East …

Eloping to San Francisco

The preparation for our big day in San Francisco was both thrilling and nerve-wrecking.

Booking of flights, making sure we made all the correct appointments, hiring of photographer, makeup, hair, flowers – the list of to-dos just goes on and on. Looking back now, I’m glad we were lucky enough to have met people who helped us and gave us so much valuable advice.

Eloping with A to San Francisco and getting married in the City Hall is one of the most beautiful thing we’ve ever done together.


I have never thought that I would visit Estonia one day. As much as I’m concerned, “Europe” to me was pretty much Paris, Italy, England and other more-touristy cities – places where a lot of my friends have been, and I know it would be relatively safe-ish if I head back to my apartment early. There are also lots of stories shared among my friends and relatives, so these countries are somewhat more familiar for me. Eastern Europe, on the other hand, gave me a very different impression compared to Western Europe. I always thought that Eastern Europe is poorer, more rundown, more backward and somewhat more dangerous. But in my recent visit to Tallinn in Estonia, I have totally changed my take on Eastern Europe. Tallinn has got to be one of the most beautiful, magical and enchanting cities I have ever been to. And one that I would visit again in a heartbeat, any time! First and foremost, I am lucky to be able to stay in the heart of the city in …

Of Dog Sleds and Auroras

If anyone were to ask me which vacation was the best I’ve ever had, it would have to be my visit to Kiruna and Abisko. It was a trip of many first-times – first time on a dog sled, first time seeing the Northern Lights, first time in a snow fight, first time on snow mobile, first time sleeping on a bed made of ice! I was a little apprehensive when A said that we should try dog sledding. Because I am a worry wart. What if we fall. What if we fall and we cut ourselves. What if we fall and we cut ourselves and bleed. What if we fall and we cut ourselves and bleed to death because we are too far from any help. But after rounds of persuasion from A, I caved. We arrived at the dog pens area where all the dogs were at. All of them became mad excited when they saw us approaching, it must be because they know they will be getting a good run soon! I …

Stockholm and Kiruna

In 2011 Beijing, it was -10 degrees C, but it did not snow. In 2015 January, Seoul, it hit 0 degrees C, but no it did not snow. (IT RAINED! Busket….) 2015 February, Padova, there was snow all around on the floor, but I did not see falling snow. *dreads* 2015 is the year I first saw falling snow. And Sweden is that special place. My light-chasing trip to Sweden is one of the best vacation I’ve ever had.


My week-long stay in Padova, Italy in January 2015 gave me some of the fondest memories I have in Europe. A and I took on a dessert making crash course with Manuelina Culinary and it was the best choice we’ve ever made! (Not an ad ok) The class was so comprehensive, and we came back totally inspired and enlightened. We also met some of the nicest people whom we still contact regularly until now. Let me take you to the beginning of the journey. The night before the flight – which is always the most horrible night because of the packing and the anticipation of the long flight (hate long flights) ahead. Pfft! It took us 1 transit, 13 hours on Emirates to arrive at Malpensa in Milan.