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Let’s Liese!

Let’s talk about DIY Hair Dyes. I know we have all been tried it before. For me, it started when I was in secondary school, there were these weird 3%, 6%, 9% thingy I used to get from the pharmacies to lighten the colour of my hair (Sorry, Discipline Master.) But shopping for a box of DIY hair dye from drug stores now become such a difficult task because there are SO many different brands, so many different types of colours and application methods. So when it comes to DIY hair dyes, are you #TeamFoam or #TeamCream? If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw the little disagreement I had with my Mom when it comes down to this. Mom insisted that cream type hair dyes are better, and I am loyal to my #TeamFoam. Mom thinks cream type hair dye will work better because the colour can be applied more evenly and it is better in quality. That is why the salons are still using cream dyes. Well, good point. But throughout …

Travelling With Prima Taste

Fun fact 1: I once brought a Chinese cabbage from Singapore to Paris. I hid it in my haversack (ok, I did not hide, I just packed it along) and it travelled with me from Singapore to Munich and Austria before finally getting cooked into a delicious Asian-style soup in Paris, Montmartre. I love Wong Bok. I love Asian food. One biggest headache for me when I travel is Chinese food, or rather, the lack of. Fun face 2: I am actually quite a Scrooge when it comes to food while I’m travelling. This is especially so when I’m in Europe. Firstly because the food there is expensive and its standard is not as high as the price. Secondly, I am often on quite a shoestring budget and I’d really rather spend my money elsewhere. Fun fact 3: Although I co-own a café, I can’t cook to save my life. – – – This is a common sight at the bnb when I travel: In Paris with friends… In Rome with my family… Just look …

Butter My Buns

And so the new journey begins, and the journey is called Butter My Buns. This is exactly like our sleep-deprived days slightly more than 2 years ago when The Tiramisu Hero was just starting up. Now, sitting in our new lil space, it really feels like pretty amazing to realise that we’ve done it yet again. Compared to the previous setup, Butter My Buns was actually a lot less stressful. The experience we got from setting up the previous cafe gave us good insights into what to do, what not to do while designing and planning the space, the timeline, the interiors and our menus. And I really count my blessings everyday for the good people we have in our company. Really, we would be nothing if not for the immense amount of support we have from our colleagues, friends and family. Although Butter My Buns is just a really tiny store snugged in a corner of NUS, it is now our second baby. You must now be thinking “What kind of name is Butter …


It has been more than a month since I have been using Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuel and all I can say is that it’s been such a breeze! After one month of use, I’ve noticed that the drive has become significantly smoother and my car feels much stronger than before. The best thing is, the mileage has proven that the fuel lasts longer than before. I used to be able to get about 330 to 340km per full tank (2litres). Check out the results after using Shell V-Power Nitro+: Knowing that Shell VPower Nitro+ is formulated with their strongest cleaning agent to-date to clean up our engines, I am sure the “mileage results” will only get better and better from here on as the performance improve along with cleaner engines.

Lip Embroidery

And so I always thought (honest opinion) that lip embroidery is a super auntie thing to do. Like who on earth would want to have red lipstick on constantly? And on days when you just wanna do like a out-of-bed look, you still need to live with that red lips? While I was doing my eyebrow embroidery touch-up back at Browart Studio, Lawrence (who runs the place) was going on and on about how the embroidery artist Jenny is super good with lip embroidery. I don’t know what happened exactly, but eventually I decided to take the plunge and try lip embroidery for myself. And that was also the time when I knew that lip embroidery is not all about red lips. Hahaha!

Hotel Clover

Staycations always work for me. Basically, I love anything that “takes me away” from reality, even for a while. This time, it was at Hotel Clover @ 33 Jalan Sultan. After researching, I realised that there are a couple of Hotel Clovers in Singapore. So if you like what you’re going to see in this post, make sure you go to the correct Hotel Clover! This is one of the newest hotel under the Hotel Clover group. I love how it looks very resort-ish and how the theme of “being close to nature” is carried out through the entire hotel nicely! Totally dig how the hotel is in a whole row of shophouses and so near my workplace!

MINI Dolce Gusto

The intensity of stylishness in a coffee machine has been revved up by a notch with the launch of the new MINI limited edition by NESCAFE Dolce Gusto. I cannot describe the excitement I felt when I first set eyes on the latest MINI Limited Edition, because it’s the sweet marriage of two of my favourite brands! But I am not surprised by the collaboration between NESCAFE Dolce Gusto and MINI because they are both so quirky, fun and daring when it comes to innovation. It’s just a matter of time that the two iconic brands would come together, no? The design of the limited edition coffee machine is gorgeous; in the classic shade of black and white, and embodying the sleek curves of the quirky MINI and NESCAFE Genio 2 Dolce Gusto coffee machine. I can see how the stylish outlook of the machine has made it perfect for homes or offices of any designs. Ok technical stuff for technical-stuff-loving friends. The MINI Limited Edition boasts of the patented thermoblock technology that delivers up …