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It has been one year. For our first year anniversary, I set out to write a book just for her eyes only. Here is just a few pages of the book to let it be part of my personal blog. A, thanks for being such a wonderful partner. It has been a fucking awesome 365 days for me. Love.

five fabulous years

Time flies. It has been almost 2 years since I’ve joined Nuffnang and it has been really nice so far. I’ve met many other people who have such “atypical” jobs like me, and many other awesome young people too! I attended Nuffnang’s 5th Birthday Bash at Swissotel yesterday and I was blown away by the 60 bloggers there. So many bloggers leh! Hahaha. I think I was among the most shabbily dressed last night. Hahaha! I picked my most comfortable pullover because I’m sure it would keep me warm in the cold hotel room. *big grin* I met Yina and Brad for the first time yesterday and they were all really friendly! It’s sometimes really odd because you already know them virtually and the first instance when you meet them in person, it’s a super odd feeling. Heh! I was on the same table with Yina, Zoe, Nadia, Yutaki, Esther, Noel and other bloggers. Had my best friend on the table too – BEER! Hahahaha. I’m such an addict. There were some awesome programmes lined …