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Eloping to San Francisco

The preparation for our big day in San Francisco was both thrilling and nerve-wrecking.

Booking of flights, making sure we made all the correct appointments, hiring of photographer, makeup, hair, flowers – the list of to-dos just goes on and on. Looking back now, I’m glad we were lucky enough to have met people who helped us and gave us so much valuable advice.

Eloping with A to San Francisco and getting married in the City Hall is one of the most beautiful thing we’ve ever done together.

Coming out

I’d recently learnt of the Take Action! Contest by Oogachaga. It’s a contest which invites all individuals or groups who aspire to make a positive difference to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning community in Singapore to submit an original idea for their own programme. And this inspired me to tell you about my story. I once heard a saying that goes “The naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie”. Although we all know that the truth is not always rosy and nice, living in a lie would probably be the most depressing and unhappy thing I can imagine. I had lived in denial for certain things in life before, but when it comes to realizing who I am and coming to terms with my sexuality, I am proud I took the courage to embrace and accept who I am inside. A and I have been together for about a year and a half now. Looking back, it all still feels surreal about how we evolved from schoolmates who only kept …

Pink Dot

We have finally attended the first Pink Dot together! Look at A’s face in the picture above, she looks so happy. We had a wonderful picnic and celebration at Pink Dot 2012 with some 15000 other people! It is the first ever night Pink Dot and the one with the largest scale so far and I’m so glad we were part of it! To prepare Boo for the event, I dug out all her pink stuff and threw them on her. She looked quite ridiculous to be honest because Boo is not a “pink” dog, but oh well, it’s Pink Dot anyway! A little pink won’t hurt. :p We did a little cape (with special message) for her. And completed with pink sneakers and a furry pink collar, Ridiculous Boo is born! HAHAHAHA! Here are some pictures from yesterday. It was such a great feeling to be there and to see friends (gay or straight) there to support the freedom to love! Saw Sam the moment I got there! I was there with A, Carol …