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je ne change qu’en mourant

It means I will only change by dying. I got a new tattoo, folks! This time round, it was a new one on the wrist and I’m loving how it looks! Malvin from Primitive Arts at Far East Plaza did it for me. I think there is still some touching up that needs to be done. Shall wait for 3 weeks before I head back to fix it. These were some of the fonts I considered before getting the tattoo. Wanted to pick the 4th font, but the artist said that the tattoo needs to be much bigger to be able to show all the details. So, nope. Bleah. So I picked the 3rd font instead. This motto (or rather, phrase) came with the necklace A and I bought together. I love how the phrase sounded and meant. The tattoo artist tattooed the “q” as a “g”. Faints. Need to go back after 3 weeks to alter that part. Bleah! Other than that, I really love the new ink On a sidenote, I think my …

Tattoos are addictive. I’ve been wanting to get another tattoo for the longest time. But I haven’t decided what I want yet. There are many designs I’ve been looking at, but I’m taking my own time because I know the answer will come to me at the right time. It’s always like that. Since I’m at the the topic of tattoos, I wanna share some of the gorgeous pictures I found. I hope you like them too. I really like moustaches, not like real ones but the Pringles one! And I think I’ve listed it into one of my favourite designs. I drew a little moustache on my finger and see what how much fun it can be! OMG I love A’s meow meow cats. ♥