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Happy New Year lovelies!

My New Year celebration was a blast with A, the girls and their partners!
Earlier in the evening on the 31st December, I also attended my friend Levi’s wedding at Conrad Hotel.
Wish him all the best and a blissful marriage! ♥

We left the banquet early so we won’t be caught in the NYE countdown crowd.
Sindy and Lianie were feeling very “Sex and The City” and Sinsin decided to do a video of us.
I don’t know how to walk so happily like them though.
You can view the clip here.

Our NYE celebration was a simple one at A’s place.
My darling A was so nice to let us create havoc at her place in her room. Heh!
I brought my ring light to her place and set up a little camwhore corner so that I could take pictures with my girlfriends,
RIGHT BEFORE Year 2011 ends!

Everyone was there except Aiyo because it was she and Weifu’s anniversary day!
Congratulations Aiyo and Weifu! ♥ Another wonderous year!
But even though she wasn’t there, we still made sure she is in the photo saying her favourite line “AIYO!”

Screen shot 2012-01-01 at PM 11.28.39

Introducing the usual suspects, Lianie, Sindy and Rossie!
The boys cannot really be bothered to take part in our silly photo taking session.
They all just sat around the room, watching TV, playing games or eating chips (or laugh at how we were so easily amused).

Screen shot 2012-01-01 at PM 11.47.41

I think my ring light has never been happier too!
The four of us took pictures almost non stop.
A was really patient to stand there and help snap our ridiculous poses too. HAHAHA!

NYE gfs!4
NYE gfs!2
NYE gfs!1
NYE gfs!3
NYE gfs!6
NYE gfs!12

Don’t ask me Lianie’s dress how come wet wet. HAHAHAHA!

NYE gfs!18
NYE gfs!19
NYE gfs!20
NYE gfs!23




We also made 春联 from toilet paper. HAHAHAHA!
This tradition started couple years back when we scribbled on some serviettes in some restaurant and took a lot of pictures.
I know it’s New Year and not the Lunar New Year yet, but we can’t wait!
[Sinsin is really looking one kind of crazy in the photo below]

Screen shot 2012-01-01 at PM 11.50.47

Screen shot 2012-01-01 at PM 11.50.47

And something for you to laugh at. Heh!
From Level 1 surprised to Level 4 surprised look.

NYE gfs!24
NYE gfs!22
NYE gfs!21

When the clock struck midnight, we all kissed our partners Happy New Year and it really made me smile.
It’s such a blessing to have found these girls and A in my life and to have such great times together.
I’m really happy to see how everyone is so happy too! ♥

Then we dragged everyone to have couple photos taken!
May 2012 be another wonderful year for everyone.
Sinsin and Lianie will both be getting hitched in 2012! YAY!
Let 2012 be a great year for A and I too. 🙂

Screen shot 2012-01-02 at AM 12.18.53

The girls also took some more normal photos and here are some of them!
I love these girls! 😀

NYE gfs!10

Let 2012 be another great year for our friendship!

On a sidenote, I’m really getting hooked to Instagram lately!
I started an account earlier in 2011 but I haven’t been using it much.
Never knew it could be this interactive and fun!
I had a lot of fun checking out other people’s great photos too.
Here are some of the snapshots I took these couple days.
If you’re on Instagram, find me at SIXPEGS ok! 😀


Left to Right, Top to Down:
A dicing chicken to make fried bee hoon for us
Lipstick on a cigarette butt
My D.I.Y polka dot manicure & A’s iPhone case
D.I.Y moustache pedicure
My Oxfords brought me out walking
Colour blocking is found everywhere
Cute letterbox I spied
My best friends in the toilet
A and I goes shopping at Bugis

I’ll be taking pre-wedding pictures for Sindy and Ting Kang tomorrow!
Lianie and A will also be there and I’m sure it’s going to be a great day.
Unfortunately, both A and I are down with flu and the usual sore throat now.
Boo. Hope we’ll get well soon!
I’ll be back with (hopefully) more gorgeous photos of Sinsin and everyone else!
As for now, hope everyone is having an enjoyable and great time as 2012 starts.

Carpe Diem!

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Peggy is an independent blogger from Singapore who has a penchant for impromptu travel plans and good caffe lattes. She is the co-owner of two little cafes, The Tiramisu Hero and Butter My Buns, and hopes to be able to see the world someday; one stop at a time.


    • sixpegs says

      cc – I got mine from taiwan ximending. Very cheap! Think they are readily available in Singapore too!


  1. mono m says

    Hahaha! So fun! You all so irritating eh! Kinda like my friends and me… I like! hiak hiak! Happy new Year! 😀


  2. Merlyn says

    Hi Peggy where did you get that gorgeous black dress you wore on NYE from? Thanks


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