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I just came home from another meet up with the girlfriends.
What a great day!
I suddenly noticed that we are all big girls now.
As we casually talked about the hay days where we would meet up, chill all day and party all night,
I felt old and all grown up.
It was by chance how our paths in life crossed, but it was the effort we put in to maintain the friendship.
It really is easy to make new friends but hard to keep them all fresh and good.
Same thing for all kinds of relationships.
After our conversations, I realized that 2012 will be a fabulous year for us!
The two girls are getting hitched this year and the rest of us have big exciting plans coming up too.
I can’t wait.


We had dinner at Meatworks in ION (because all the other restaurants were packed).
The food was, honestly, not impressive at all.
Thank goodness the company was good. Heh!

I wore my new top from ASOS.com & I’m totally loving it!
I cannot really decide what colour it is but I think it’s vermillion.
A insists that it’s red though.
It’s funny how there are so many shades of each colour for some of us.
Like red could be vermillion, scarlet, wine, mahogany, ruby, crimson, auburn.
But for some people, red is just red. Hahahaha. Ok whatever.
I really like the top and it’s really comfy!
Best thing is, it’s on sale.
The free international shipping thing is really making me spend a lot of money. *grumbles*


I think I look like Christmas today.
A is wearing her Dr Marts and I think she looks fab in them! :p


A gave me this thing she bought from Hong Kong some time ago.
It’s like a “housefly eye” lens thing that you can put in front of the camera lens to take pictures with special effects.
It’s super cute and I love it!


This couple days has been great for me!
A and I have been together for 9 months.
Time really flies. It felt like it has only been 3 months sometimes.
We have been together with each other almost every single moment, except for times when we had no choice.
And we are with each other almost every single night too.
I think I’m loving the stickiness. Haha.
Lately, A is determined to teach me how to swim.
Yes. I can’t swim.
I think I’m a horrible student because I’d whine all day long saying how I’m hydrophobic and stuff.
But truth is, I just hate being submerged in water and I really have the fear that I might have water in my nose.
I always try to talk her out of swimming trips, or just bug her to let me just suntan my afternoons away.
This are some snapshots when I managed to whisk her away to Tanjong Beach Club for just a lazy evening with beer.


I think she is going to drag me to the pool again tomorrow. *whines*
As some of you might already know, A has 2 dogs and 3 cats.
Of late, things haven’t been very good for the 3 cats because they are all ill now.
Bert, who is already 16 years of age now, had been diagnosed with diabetes last week.
He now needs insulin jabs every day and we also need to pay extra attention to what we feed him.
The poor old boy has lost so much weight and it aches our hearts to see him looking small and weaker.

Bacchus and Barnabas, who are a pair of strays A adopted couple years back are both down with cold.
One keeps sneezing and the other one cannot stop coughing and letting out voiceless meows.
Hope they get well soon!

This was taken when we took Bert to The Animal Clinic next to TheGardenSlug last week.


Speaking of The Garden Slug, the food and people there are really nice.
For those (especially the westies) who haven’t visited that place before, do drop by when you’re free.
It’s a pets friendly restaurant and there are always a lot of cut furkids there.
That’s the sick boys and us.
The pictures are taken using iPhone app PuddingCam. πŸ™‚


Fun and serious stuff aside, we also took time out to do proper work.
I met up with some clients regarding some blog advertorials and A went for her appointments.
We also had meetings and stuff.
I am totally excited about the new blog layout that is coming up really soon.
[Sorry that my blog is looking a little messy now]


I also received pretty clothes from Damsel In Disdress couple days ago.
I specially got this romper because the colour and design is SO cute!
After it appeared in Sunday Advertorials last week, I think all the pieces were sold out already!
The girls at DIDD are now doing a backorder now, so click here if you’re keen!

Screen shot 2012-02-10 at PM 02.46.01

And I shall end off today’s post with some pretty silhouette pictures A and I took today.
Goodnight my friends & have a really good weekend ahead.
P.S. Don’t forget to check back this Sunday for the new blog layout and exciting Sunday Advertorials! Heh.

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    • sixpegs says

      I think they have similar ones but maybe a bit smaller. The one A got is from HK. You can try places like Action City. I think I’ve seen something similar before! πŸ™‚


    • sixpegs says

      Kiki – I got it from Runway Bandit. πŸ˜€ It’s pretty and the quality is great too!


    • sixpegs says

      ax – The black box bag is A’s. I think she got it custom made. Either in Bangkok or China. πŸ™‚


  1. Hi thanks for your recommendation. Went to the garden slug yesterday and had a great time. There are loads of gorgeous cats there too!


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