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10 things you can do to make the world better

I am in a bit of a bitchy mode tonight so I thought I will write something slightly bitchy.
You hardly see me bitchy, really.
So this is hard to come by. Hahahaha!
Ok kidding. I am really nice.
I was browsing through some old entries and I realised it has been a while since I last wrote a “Top 10” entry.
So tonight, I’m gonna sit down and reflect on how we can all make the world a better place.
And since I’m feeling a little bitchy today, I will give everyone 5 angelic suggestions and 5 bitchy ones.
We’ll do them alternately so we don’t overdose on either one of them.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 03.31.18

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 01.46.10

Unless you are a gymnast, in aerobics class or want to show off your super cute cameltoe,
you shouldn’t be caught in a pair of tights and top that doesn’t go lower than your waist.
I know this whole tights thing started many years ago.
And as the designs and kinds of tights start appearing in the market, more and more people start wearing them as pants.
I know I know.
Sometimes it’s the vendors that need to be blamed.
Tights are tights. Why they go and print denim prints and add fake pockets at the buttocks area?!
But I think as ladies of the 21st century, we need to learn how to differentiate what are tights and what are pants.
Today I shall teach everyone.

Often made of non-stretchy material. Has REAL pockets that you can put REAL things into.
Doesn’t give you camel toes unless they are ridiculously tight or if your friends gave them to you as Aprils’ Fool gift.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 01.50.09

The kind of bottoms people wear for gymnastic, aerobics or ballet classes.
Stretchy and look like children’s clothes if you don’t stretch them.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 01.51.08

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 01.51.16

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 01.51.28

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 01.50.56

This is what you look like if you wear tights as pants.
Not exactly the same though because she is Megan Fox so she can wear them as tights
but we are boring Singaporeans so please try to keep the tights under your clothes.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 01.56.57

I’m not asking you to be a vegan today but I think there are many things that maybe we can abstain from.
Shark Fin Soup. Foie Gras.

Shark finning involves the cutting off of the shark’s fin before discarding the shark carcass into the ocean.
The shark is often still conscious though unable to swim without its fin.
It will then slowly sink to the bottom of the ocean dying a slow and painful death,
and possibly being eaten alive by other creatures too.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 02.00.05

Foie Gras, which also means Fatty Liver in French is obtained by force feeding the geese or ducks.
Most Foie Gras producers do not consider their methods cruel,
insisting that it is a natural process exploiting the animals’ natural features because they do not have a gag reflex,
and therefore do not find force feeding uncomfortable.
However this force feeding can cause the birds’ livers to swell to many times their normal size,
impairing their livers’ functions, and the expansion of the abdomen will also make it difficult for birds to walk.
Ultimately, scarring of the oesophagus and death follows if the force feeding is continued.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 02.05.46

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 02.06.26

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 02.10.41

With this said, I think I am guilty of this sin.
Do you have that one or two people you follow on Twitter who spends all their time on Twitter tweeting about the same thing?
“I washed my car today! It’s looking fabulous!”
“I took a nice car ride to Siglap for dinner today”
After a while, they name their car and start tweeting weird things about them going on a date with ‘Sam’ or ‘Brittany’?
Then there are people whose entire Twitter history is about what food they eat everyday.
Twitpics of every single meal and location of where the meal is taken.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 02.20.04

Then there is another group of people who goes on and on about their beloved boyfriend or girlfriend,
and how they love each other so much and can’t live without each other?

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 02.17.05

I also know people whose Twitter account is FULL of complains about life, work, siblings and taxi queues.
Live and let live, friends.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 02.19.19

Finally, we also have the RT Group who retweets everything from StraitsTimes and CNN.

Please do not take these personally because I think I committed all of the above sins. Hahaha!
The thing is, tweet creatively & in moderation despite your big love for food, current affairs, car or any persons.
Actually, we really want to follow your Twitter because you are such a nice person and is a personal friend.
Don’t make life so hard for us.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 02.21.45

I always believe in the power of “Thank you”.
Because through my experience in many many jobs and of course, life experiences,
I would really appreciate a simple smile and “thanks” everytime I hold the lift door for a stranger.
Why? Because I am not obligated to make sure you don’t get caught by the door but I still made an effort to help you.
And it’s only courtesy that you can utter out something that expresses your gratitude.

Let’s start saying our “Thank you”s to the toilet cleaner who helped put in more toilet paper before you enter the cubicle.
Or the auntie who cleaned your table at the hawker centre.
Because even if it’s their jobs to do what they did, it’s only courtesy to show some thanks to someone
who made your meal (or toilet trip) more pleasant.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 02.22.42

And because my Dad is a public bus driver, I think we should all thank bus drivers
who wait for you to run up to the bus from 50m away because
they can simply choose to be impatient and drive away without you.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 02.28.29

I think I am guilty of this one also.
But I guess doing it in moderation is fine.
Honestly, I think Singapore girls are super good with their cameras and self portraits.
But I have seen some REALLY extreme ones around too.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 02.34.07

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 02.34.16

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 02.34.23

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 02.34.30

Don’t really understand.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 02.35.43

I think Ellen pretty much sums it up here.
It is not wrong to be gay and we are all free to love who we want to love.
Gay parents can make awesome parents too.
Not all gays are promiscuous.
Being gay does not mean you will die with AIDS someday.
Gay people eat lunches and not gay lunches.
Gay people park their cars and they don’t gay park their cars.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 02.42.27

I am personally very annoyed by this.
People who walk too quickly and TSK at you when you are in their way.
And people who walk too damn slowly on places that only allows one person to walk by at a time.
For the sake of all your countrymen, please stand on one side of the escalator
because the person behind you might be rushing.
Please don’t stand in the middle of the walkway to the lift lobby with your huge group of friends
to discuss about your next meetup.
Please don’t TSK at everyone in the way in a busy underground passage
because they got no space to move to to let you pass.
Speaking of which, I wish to digress.
I really hate people who lean on the grab poles on the train!
And A just added another one of her pet peeves as I was writing this.
“Don’t you think that there is another kind of very annoying people who read their texts out when they are typing or reading?”

Actually I don’t mind. It kinda entertains me. :p

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 02.50.01

Why buy a pet from the shop when you can save a rescued animal and give it a home instead?
Out of the many animals rescued in Singapore everyday, only a small portion of them are successfully re-homed.
It is a really sad fact to know that these animals are often only given a “window period” of
perhaps 2 weeks to see if they can have someone adopt them,
if not, they will be put to sleep JUST BECAUSE THEIR TIME IS UP and there is no room for them in the animal shelters.

I think all these problems started when people start to breed animals illegally and
abandon their pets few years later when they are bored with the poor animals.
And of course, people are not open about adopting animals too because rescued animals are supposedly “not as cute”.

Here is a list of places where you can do your adoption if you’re looking at finding a new best friend for yourself.
And trust me when I say that there are SO many adorable furkids waiting for someone to give them a new home.


Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 03.01.53

Again, I find myself guilty again.
Guilty of feeding the infamous Steven Lim’s desire to have his videos shared on Facebook and what not.
To be the most “talked about” guy in Singapore, and to be the Most Handsome Guy in Singapore.
(I think I gagged twice in the previous sentence)
After all that sushi saga, I think Steven Lim is feeling super good about himself again.
But then again, I can understand when you say it’s so hard to resist sharing something so disgusting.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 03.06.52

By the way, I think Steven Lim really hates me.
Somehow it makes me happy. Hahahaha!
I am now actually itching to share with you some videos and photos from the sushi saga.
Apparently, he was hired to dance and entertain a group of people at a birthday party.
And I think those people actually ate the sushi off him.
If anybody, ANYBODY dares to invite him to any of my parties to disturb me,
I will personally BBQ that person.

So yeah, stop sharing. (But then, it’s really hard because he’s so gross)
We just gotta try.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 03.07.58

Honestly, Valentines’ Day is overrated.
And what’s worse than Valentines’ Day being overrated is the exorbitant prices the florists charge for the damn roses.
Since it’s V-day tomorrow, I want to tell all the girls that the roses are really expensive.
I didn’t conclude this because I have never bought roses on V-day before,
but I once heard about a florist saying how the sales of roses during Valentines’
actually played a huge part in sustaining his business for the rest of the year.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at AM 03.35.39

So if you receive roses tomorrow, I think your partner really loves you. :p
With that, I wanna wish everyone a very happy Valentines’ Day!
Roses are on sale every single day at the florists so tell your boyfriends or girlfriends to save the money on V-day roses,
and buy you one stalk every single day.
I’m sure that will make you a happier girl. Heh!

I also wanna share this pretty dress I got from Kestano!
A and I planned to visit the Night Safari on Valentines’ Day night so I’m not sure if this dress is suitable.
Heh! But I’m definitely keeping it for one of my other glam date nights.

Screen shot 2011-08-30 at PM 06.14.04

Screen shot 2012-02-12 at PM 10.15.45

Goodnight and Happy Valentines’ Day to all! Make love, not war!

Screen shot 2011-10-14 at AM 12.22.37

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    • sixpegs says

      jassy – yeah I swear by top view too, but I think 30degrees from the x-axis is good enough. Some of the photos I saw when I googled is quite funny. Lol. Happy Vday to you too! 😀


  1. jessy says

    i do say thank you to aunties/uncles clearing my tables too.
    i love the way you spread this msg across. hope more aunties and uncles will be more appreciated!
    (not those PRC.zzz)


  2. yanny says

    tell us the latest skincare that u use coz i can see that your skin has improved too! hehehe


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