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A and I checked out this little cafe called Saveur on Sunday night.
We heard raves about the good food and low prices of the French food served at this cafe,
and also saw pictures of pretty food from my friend Cheryl’s Instagram,
so we decided to go take a look for ourselves!

I read about how Saveur used to be a kopitiam stall and after they moved to their new location,
standard of comfort, ambience, location went up, but the prices remained the same!

Screen shot 2012-08-08 at AM 02.46.05

It was quite a big place and it was packed when we arrived.
They have two units along Purvis Road but they only opened one side of the cafe.
It was still very cosy though!
We were also very excited because there are alot of other yummy “kopitiam” style food along Purvis Street!









The menu looks pretty promising.
And the prices are REALLY affordable – like only $6.90 for a serving of pasta!
I like the drawing on the wall too. Very cute!



Look how it’s packed to the brim!
I don’t really like how the tables are really close to each other though.
The people at the next table just need to look over and they can see our pores.


We order bread and butter and it was quite bad.
We also ordered mushroom soup that came in a little coffee cup.
The soup is really frothy and it’s quite interesting!
We were a little shocked at the size of the soup though.
But I guess the serving size of the food here matches the prices.

And sorry, we finished the soup before I realized I should take some pictures first. Haha!


I had a prawn and caviar angel hair pasta!
The presentation is gorgeous! But the serving size is really small.
I heard the woman at the next table saying “好像吃不饱” too. Hahahaha!

Just look at the size of the spoon VS amount of pasta.



Sorry, no pictures of me eating again.
I was starving! Heh!


But the most disappointing dish of all has got to be what A ordered.
This is roast pork with some beans thing with POACHED egg.
I have never seen a poached egg that looks like that.


This is poached egg.

Screen shot 2012-08-08 at AM 03.19.30

THIS is half boiled egg.


We (obviously) still had a lot of space for desserts but didn’t want to have anymore food there 😦
I guess Saveur is still pretty value for money, and this cafe is really cozy, bright and clean!
A and I are quite picky when it comes to food.
But I’m sure Saveur has such good reviews for a good reason.
Do check it out and see if the food is to your liking if you fancy French food!

We didn’t have desserts at Saveur but A made me the prettiest birthday cake I have ever had!
It was my birthday on Monday and silly A crept into the room at midnight to give me this.



Bread with my favourite Haagen Daaz Vanilla ice cream and Glucolin with bananas and strawberries!
Thanks baby for the yummy (very) homemade birthday cake! ❤



I guess as you get older, the simpler you want your birthdays to be.
Especially me, because I have a feeling that I am aging at an alarming rate. Hahaha!

A woke up early and made me mee suah with egg for breakfast!


We launched The Tiramisu Hero‘s website on my birthday too!
The orders started rolling in like 20 minutes after we lived the website,
so I spent the entire day doing tiramisu.
I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who checked out our website or LIKED our Facebook Page!
BIG THANKS to those who gave their support and placed orders too!

We also came up with this little thing where we can help convey messages with our tiramisu via handwritten notes!
Cute right cute right!

Screen shot 2012-08-08 at AM 02.30.49

A want to be mysterious too and she said she want to bring me to “somewhere new”
for a nice birthday dinner after a long day at work.
We popped by The Cliff at The Sentosa for a yummy dinner!





The food was REALLY, REALLY, REALLY fucking good!
Even the bread with olive oil was awesome.
There was a choice of 4 different types of bread.
The olive oil was fab! And they served it with some curry-flavoured powder too.



The oyysssttteeeerrrrrsssssss arrreeee sssooo goooooooodddddd!!!!



Squid ink pasta with sea urchin froth and yuzu shreds.


Escargot with onion soup.


And fresh-until-cannot-be-any-fresher lobster!


It was a really quiet and enjoyable dinner.
I love you!

And here is the address if you want to try The Cliff out too.
The food is REALLY so good!!

Screen shot 2012-08-08 at AM 02.51.19

We went back to A’s place and immediately switched back to Tiramisu Auntie mode.
A’s Mommy made a cheesecake for my birthday too! Very love. Hurhurhur.


Hahaha I know the decor is a little retarded.
A and me designed it. Hahaha!!




Here are also some pictures of me celebrating birthday with my family.
My Dad also share the same birth date as me!
I’m so glad my family liked the tiramisu cake A and I made too!
It is the first time I made a cake for Dad too. ❤



Mommy look so pretty.
Can I be like her when I grow up? :p


Oh! I also want to share this very exciting pack of goodies I got from Oh! That Shop.
It is totally god sent because I just welcomed quite a few pairs of new shoes,
and we all know not all pretty shoes are comfortable to be in.

Thank God for Oh! That Shop, I now have a lot more shoe accessories to fix all my shoes woes!

Screen shot 2012-07-31 at AM 01.38.07

I am so excited about the shoe stretcher!
My Mom used to tell me to bite my new shoes so they won’t “bite” me.
Now I can introduce this thing to her so we don’t have to bite our shoes anymore. Hahaha!
It was my first time seeing the bunion toe spreader too.
I think the most lethal pair of stilettos can be very comfortable now. Wee!
They have a lot many other products that are damn amazing! Go take a look too OK!


Thanks for dropping by my blog today!
Will be back with more updates. Meanwhile, let’s eat tiramisu!

Peace xx


  1. chiu says

    happy birthday peggy!

    totally agree with your review of saveur. checked it out a few weeks ago and while the pasta was yummy, the serving was reaallly tiny! and we ordered the pork belly and chicken roulade.. unimpressive. maybe the duck confit was the star dish?

    btw the link to tiramisu hero site is broken! i think there is an extra “.
    good luck on your new business! 😀


  2. famarin says

    Hi Peggy! Happy birthday! I went to Saveur before, and while I agree the serving size is really small, the food was really delicious! I thought the duck confit was the best duck confit I ever had and even beat expensive french restaurants! Anyway, the duck confit is their star dish so maybe you should try it out! Queue there is really long though.


  3. reader says

    happy b’day peggy!
    thanks for recommending so many good food to us readers!
    i’ve been diligently following your blog for good food reviews. i like it because it’s so unbiased and true. thanks for sharing!
    hope you had a great b’day celebration!
    im sure your new biz will flourish! good luck 🙂

    p/s: sorry i kept myself anonymous. alittle shy. 🙂


  4. I LOVE UR DRESS says

    Hi peggy, where did you get your dress from? the one you wore cutting the banana faced cake 🙂


  5. Hi Pegs

    I just tried to order some tiramisu from ur website…
    I find the mini tiramisu absolutely adorable!


  6. Hi peggy, happy b’day!!! I’m blog walking and found your blog~ btw the france restaurant looks nice! :0


  7. sarah says

    Hi Peggy, love reading your blog on food. Say, i just moved to punggol and we always have a hard time looking for places to hang out with my toddlers. Like all punggoeans, we are hungry for good places to hang out. would u check out some places around here?


  8. Hello peggy! I dropped by Saveur and had some chicken foie gras thing, it was soooo crappy – a total waste of money. I should have opted for the duck confit!

    Anyway if you don’t mind me asking, what are you working as now? (Now that you have Tiramisu Hero) I remember you left your JobsCentral job awhile ago..

    My name also starts with A 🙂


    • A – hello A! hahaha. yeah I heard the duck confit was nice too. So sorry to hear about the foie gras. The servings are really small too right??! I’m just doing the Tiramisu Hero thing now, hehe and blog lor. :p

      sarah – Thanks girl for your comment. OK will try to check out whats nice at Punggol area!! :))


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