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Good Week!


Thank you for the awesome week, whoevers-in-charge-up-there!

I am still feeling very hyped up from the recent Pink Dot and so happy that the dot has grew a little bigger from last year’s.
That said, I noticed that there are so so so many negative comments on the reports about the Pink Dot – in fact, more negative comments than positive ones.
And that is really disheartening.
Simply don’t understand why some people would generalise the LGBT community as a frivolous bunch of people who have unhealthy lifestyles.
Some of them even feel that they are in danger living with LGBT people. My goodness!
Gay people don’t go around and grope people you know. I think we should be more worried about the straight pervs.

Anyways, Pink Dot 2013 was awesome!
A and I had a little date at the Pink Dot because all our friends flew us aeroplane. Hahaha!
No lah, they were busy and didn’t manage to join us at the very last minute.
But still, I think it was a great night for us.
Our second Pink Dot together, and I’m glad we contributed the 2 lights out of the 21,000 that lit up Singapore that night.


Our picnic mat neighbour turns out to be blog reader Angelina! ๐Ÿ™‚ *waves*


My lash extensions are freaking wayang.


Thank you Marzltov for my Pink Dot costume!
The pink tee is just awesome and I love the hole at the back for extra ventilation! Heh.

And we bumped into other readers sitting around us! Yay! My readers are all super nice people! *love*


Happy second Pink Dot, A!


A and I have been going down to our shop space very often.
As of now, it is still empty though. Haha!
But we are in the midst of finalising the design with our ID and I cannot wait to see what the ID has come up for us!

We brought our first guest, Lianie to the shop space that day and she took this lovely “stock photo-ish” picture for us. :p


And this is me again at our neighbour’s front gate.
Our neighbour is some really funky “Druggist Association”. HAHAHA!
That’s TOO COOL man!


And my outfit of the day was my trusty utility jacket and dress from I Wanna Closet!
They have really awesome fashion apparels imported directly from Korea. You guys should really check it out.
I Wanna Closet is on Facebook as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

And and and! I’m also wearing this super pretty Claire Aristides bracelet (which you can’t see from the picture) that I got from Just Tangy.
I don’t know where this tradition is from but the horseshoe is believed to bring good luck!
And I need a lot a lot of good luck! Haha!

A has one too! (Because both of us need good luck!) :p


Will be back with more updates!
I just received some pictures from our photographer from a recent couple shoot and can’t wait to share them! Hurhur.


  1. mel says

    Hi Peggy ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you mind sharing where you bought your light blue denim dungaree that you wore with your pink top? have been looking around for one..thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Lilian Low says

    Hello Pegs! Nice red dress u got there! May I know where u got it from? Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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