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My Genio

My relationship with Nescafe Dolce Gusto goes way back.

My first coffee machine was a Dolce Gusto.
My first official collaboration for The Tiramisu Hero was with Nescafe Dolce Gusto.
And having made friends with some of the people in the Nescafe Dolce Gusto team,
it was excited for me to take part in the Asian Design Contest for their new My Genio coffee machine!

To get me started, the kind Dolce Gusto team send me a huge bag of goodies with their new machine
and lots and lots of different drinks to go with it.
Some of you may not know that the machine can not only prepare hot drinks but also iced ones.
And they even have iced tea!

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 12.35.16 PM
Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 12.35.26 PM

This time round, Nescafe Dolce Gusto is giving you the chance to put your very own design on the machine
(to be sold across 8 countries in Asia next year!)
as well as a trip to Tokyo for the finals held during Tokyo design week 2013
to compete with all the other finalists from Asia, with YOU representing Singapore!

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 12.36.01 PM

I’ve heard of competitions to design bags and shoes but coffee machine?
That’s pretty new. Since the start of The Tiramisu Hero,
I think I’ve been hooked on doodling and some simple “designing”.
And since I get a shot of winning a trip to Japan, why not? :p

2 finalists will be selected to represent Singapore in the Asian Finale and win cash and prizes
– that includes the trip to the award ceremony in Tokyo, Japan.
But for me, the best part if tat the final Asian winning design
will be produced as an exclusive limited edition Genio machine.
How cool is that!

I’m surprised that they have even made it easy for us (not so design program savvy people) to do the designing.
With their Facebook App,
the design can be uploaded and fitted onto the template in just matters of seconds.
And of course for the design program gurus, you can also upload your designs directly via the app.

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 12.36.37 PM

Here’s a little screengrab to let you have a peek of how easy the app is to maneuver!
You can choose from a variety of brushes and graphics.
It’s like having a mini photoshop at your hands online if you don’t have one! Let your creativity flow.

There are quite a few designs up on their app currently
but I think it’s still not too late because the winners will be decided by Facebook votes.
In case you’re wondering, here are some of the designs that are currently in the lead.
Hey, maybe mine can make it here too! You guys will vote for my design won’t you?

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 12.36.51 PM

My tip for all you guys is to design something close to your heart,
something that you like or are good at doing or even something that inspires you; like music or food.
The best designs are not necessarily the most complicated kind!

For me, my design has to be full of Sir Antonios.
To me, he is the most special cat in the world because he is created by me (uh-huh) and he represents my dreams and ambitions.

So TA-DAH! My design!

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 12.37.06 PM

I would totally buy a Dolce Gusto coffee machine that looks like that, would you?
I sure hope so! Haha.
Now you can see Sir Antonio on The Tiramisu Hero Jars and in the near future in my new baby The Tiramisu Hero cafe,
my venture into the F&B line. Who knows where you can find Sir Antonio next?
But for now you can be sure you can find him on my very own designed version of the Nescafe Dolce Gusto.
So don’t wait any longer. You know where the vote buttons to my designs are!

Make it real! Make my design happen and maybe next year you can actually bring home a piece of my work!
And you can proudly say you were part of bringing that to life.

Go try your luck, or just go and have some fun with the app and let your creative juices flow!
This sounds cliché – but you could be THAT person flying to Tokyo
and having your design printed onto the real machine for sale! 😀

Not enticing enough? Let me help you further, you can stand to win $18,000 worth of cash & prizes
on top of the trip for 2 for each of the 2 Singapore winners to go to Tokyo, Japan for the finals
to compete with the finalists across Asia.
If that doesn’t entice you, I’m not too sure what will.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going so ready to win this competition! :p

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 12.38.01 PM

Think you can do better than me? Then prove it with an original artwork of yours and upload it today!

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 12.38.20 PM

Do note that the contest period are as per follows:
Local Contest Phase 1: 27th Aug – 7th Oct
Voting Period Phase 2: 14th Oct – 26th Oct
Top 16 Asian designs finalists, including Singapore will fight it out.
The Award Ceremony will be held on the 26th Oct in Tokyo, Japan.

No time to lose, better get those creative brain juices working right now.

If designing is really not your thing, you can choose to vote for my design too!
I’m sure Sir Antonio would like that very much.
10 voters will stand a chance to win cash & prizes too!

So turn your design into a reality by trying your hand at it,
or make Sir Antonio come to live with your vote.

Good Luck!

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Peggy is an independent blogger from Singapore who has a penchant for impromptu travel plans and good caffe lattes. She is the co-owner of two little cafes, The Tiramisu Hero and Butter My Buns, and hopes to be able to see the world someday; one stop at a time.

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