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A Christmas Fable

It is my favourite season of the year again – Christmas!
Although we don’t get fluffy white snow or the chance to be all wrapped up in the cold,
there is always this atmosphere in the air that is so full of love and giving
whenever Christmas is around the corner.

Christmas in Singapore could mean many things – late night shopping,
excuse to splurge on expensive gifts (for family, friends or oneself!) and
something unique for Singaporeans is we would always look forward to the light-up at Orchard Road
and see what’s new with the decor of the shopping malls in that area!

This year, I checked out the very building I did my internship in – TripleOne Somerset.
Always loved that place because of all the fond memories and also because
it is just a stone’s throw away from Somerset MRT station.
And of course, because it is packed with lots of retail shops to keep me entertained!
Oh, and have you checked out their Christmas theme for this year?
It feels just like a picture book from childhood!


This year’s theme is all about A Christmas Fable – something magical and whimsical,
just like Alice in Wonderland,
except the illustrations are unique and so freaking cute!


Take a look for yourself as I take you on a quick virtual tour around TripleOne Somerset! 😀


A Christmas Craft Corner welcomed us once we entered the mall,
this is where I handmade my very own Christmas tree.
The materials were all provided and I must say this is fun even for adults!
It’s always a nice nostalgic feeling to imagine myself back in school during art classes (my favourite)!


There were lots of colours and decorative items available
but I somehow just wanted a plain but textured Christmas tree. And just for the record,
I think I really miss having hands-on sessions like these!


Coincidentally, the store was managed by my university mates!


I was at the mall with Yina and we were treated to a sumptuous Japanese lunch
before our trip to the Christmas Market (I’ll get to that later!).
We also received a nice gift from the TripleOne Somerset team –
my very own cookie tin inspired by the fable!
And there are four different designs to be collected in total.
(Plus! The cookies in there were really really yummy!)

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 4.07.16 pm

Oh my word – IKURA! :D”
The lunch was really value-for-money and there is a vast difference between the freshness of the food served here compared to many other restaurants.
You know you’re at the right place when even the wasabi is freshly prepared and not from a tube! :p

My favourite part of the entire Christmas setup at TripleOne Somerset, however,
would have to be the Christmas Market at Level 16.
Well concealed and unique, it was a pleasant surprise the first time I set eyes upon the market.
What a well-hidden gem amongst the offices!


And no Christmas Market will be complete without lots and lots of things to buy!


The fair is really one of the few better ones I’ve been to
with a great selection of REAL QUALITY stuff.
I saw a lot of local designers and handmade items which I think make great Christmas gifts because
they are so exclusive, one-of-its-kind and made with love!
Check out these goodies I found from the market!


This shop belongs to a very sweet and friendly mother and daughter team – thought I should do a shoutout for them! 🙂


Ancient Egyptian eye liner anyone?

These lovely handmade bottles are imported from Morocco!
They contain Kohl powder and are actually traditional eyeliners used by ancient Egyptian and Arabian princesses.
With one stroke, both the upper and lower waterline will be lined!
Too cool!


Competitor. Hahaha!


And this store is too cute!

I also chanced upon this stall with really cute apparels!
After a short chat with the stall owners, I found out that the brand was started as a little project between 2 long-distance friends.
The designs are all pictures taken by the Irish counterpart.


Gorgeous, isn’t it?

I bought one of these for A. Guess which one? :p


Knitted plants! I want one please!


And I also bumped into Freda and her girlfriend,
at their super cool 3D printing company!


This makes a really cool Christmas gift, no? 🙂

And time to showcase my buys of the day!
I cannot resist the Moroccan eyeliner because it was too cool and I cannot wait to try it out on myself!
And also bought two necklaces for myself – the one with the circle pendant to remind myself
“What goes around comes around” and that I should always do good unto others.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 4.02.51 pm

And the one with the macaroni… to declare my love for the pasta! :p

And since Christmas is the season of giving, I also bought a hand-knitted cat nip toy for Mooshka (a lot of his fur all around it already!) and an adorable brooch for A!

I have to say, the buys are honestly ALL very value for money!
Handmade stuff are so hard to come by these days!

Before I sign off, check out the Christmas Fable on Instagram and see how they have transformed their Instagram Profile Page into a storybook!


Just flip your phone sideway and you will be able to go through the story like
it was an actual picture book!
There are also mini contest every week to spot items and win attractive festive treats!

Very very creative I must say!

On top of the wide variety of retail stores in the mall,
I can now have a Christmas Market, Christmas Craft Corner and watch the acapella performances scheduled in the mall all under one roof! 😀

If you’d like to find out more about TripleOne Somerset and be informed of their upcoming deals and festive happenings, don’t forget to LIKE their Facebook Page here.


Alrighty, happy shopping and I know we all can’t wait for Christmas to be here! 🙂

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