Day: September 4, 2014

I Love iMyBags!

My complicated love/hate relationship with bags goes way back. Love; because they are just such awesome arm candies and have the ability to complete any outfit. Hate: because they very often burn a hole in my pocket, and it’s so troublesome to find somewhere where I can shop for all the brands I like (either that, or I’ll have to pay a hefty shipping fee).


Florence is just absolutely gorgeous, laid-back and friendly! It is my second time to Italy but my first time to Florence. I’ve heard so much about Florence from A because she is so in love with this city. She calls it a very “liveable city”, full of nice people and not as flooded with tourists compared to Rome. Florence is quiet, small and cosy to be in, but for me, it was the day trips we took from Florence totally blew my mind. They had so much to offer and were so different from what I had experienced in Rome.