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Eyebrow Embroidery with Jenny Xu

I finally have my eyeliner embroidery done!

For the longest longest longesssttt time, I’ve been toying with the idea of having my eyeliner embroidery done.
Yes, I have previously tried eyebrow embroidery and I know that it is slightly painful,
so I had reservations about anyone touching my eye line.

And because A is doing it together with me this time, I finally had the courage to do it!

Our eyebrow and eyeliner embroidery were done by Jenny! She’s a nice and gentle lady who is super qualified!
I have to say that she really knows her stuff too because she can answer all kinds of questions
from us with regards to the procedure, after-care, etc.DSC00151

She’s from China and has been doing this for more than 10 years!
Browart Studio uses a special kind of pigment that is imported all the way from Korea.


And for your convenience, here is the price list, stated clearly next to the entrance of the store.


A went first, and here are some pictures to show you how the procedure is like.

Here’s the Before picture:


Numbing cream would first be applied on the related areas so that the embroidery will be totally painless.


This is how her brows look like immediately after the embroidery.
It really came as a surprise for us because our eyebrows were normally SUPER dark after the embroidery.
For this one, the colour of the brows are super natural and there’s really no need to lighten the colours at all!


Eyeliner embroidery was a breeze!
I know it sounds very painful, but it REALLY REALLY REALLY is no pain at all!
But do expect a certain amount of discomfort though, after all, it’s really close to the eyes.

If you’re looking at having your eyeliner embroidery done, my advice is – RELAX.
Just let loose and let the therapist do her thing, because Jenny really knows what she’s doing. :p


See this A can open eye and chit chat somemore.


Jenny is all about natural-looking eyebrows and eyeliner,
so the designs we got are really good enough for everyday.
Imagine – rolling out of bed looking like your eye make up is done.

Super shiok.


Here’s a close up of the eyeliner embroidery.
You can also see the details of the eyebrow embroidery, it looks just like real strands of hair!


And my turn…


You can see the “Before” version of my eyebrows.
I have pretty full brows, just that the hairs are not even.

Jenny started by shaping my eyebrows according to my face shape and
filling in with a eyebrow pencil before the embroidery.


And eyeliner!


The finished product! I LOVE IT!


Now I just need to work on those dark eye rings. Hahahaha!

For more Before/After photos done by Jenny, you can also check out and Instagram Page.

Or if you cannot wait, feel free to drop her a text or WhatsApp at +65 97161920.

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  1. Hi Peggy! Need your advice as I’ve been thinking about trying these out for the longest time. 🙂 How long did your eyebrow embroidery, and eyeliner embroidery each last? Did the eyeliner remain as dark as the first day, or faded largely after the first week?


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