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Dr. Bags

I believe we all have obsessions. And my greatest obsession and guilty pleasure would be BAGS! The idea of getting a new luxury bag always thrills me. And as we all know, these little arm candies often come with a hefty price tag. So I am one of those ridiculous girls who would shield my bag (instead of my head) when I am caught in the rain. Hahaha!

I recently got acquainted with Esther from Dr Bags.com. Esther happened to be an old friend from my university days, and it was really nice catching up on the old days, and also a pleasure to listen to Esther and her partner Lin speak so passionately about what they offer at Dr Bags.

I immediately displayed the Céline Trapeze Bag which I have recently swopped on Carousell to them, complaining about how there are small flaws on the bag which I have missed out on during the swop. Imagine my excitement when Esther and Lin said that those are just small problems which can be easily fixed! *grins*

Before I go on and on about how our afternoon chat about all things bags went, I want to share with you everything I know about Dr Bags.


Dr Bags has four locations all over the island; United Square, Katong V, MyVillage at Serangoon Gardens and 100AM at Tanjong Pagar. Under the leadership of their main man, whom they affectionately calls Oppa, the dedicated team does everything from cleansing of bags, protection of bags, and re-colouring / revitalizing of the colour of your leather bags.


Dr. Bags DEEP CLEANSE Regime

Dr. Bags recognizes the needs to luxury bag owners – to clean, sanitize and protect your well-loved items with the safest chemicals and gentlest of techniques.

At Dr. Bags, your bags are in safe hands. Dr. Bags DeepCleanse Regime lifts off dirt, grime and bacteria off your prized luxury handbags, shoes and wallets using only the gentlest of specialized chemicals imported from Korea and USA. Your items will be 100% hygienic and primed for your next use!



Their five-pronged SUPERDEFENSE shield, the High Performance Coating ensures your bags, wallets and shoes are well guarded against moisture, fungus, discolourations and oxidization for up to eight months.


TRANSPARENT COATING (T-COATING) – A thin, invisible layer that protects leathers against colours transference.


A water-resistant layered upon your bags and shoes to help repel water and minimize stains caused by water damage.



Luxury bags, leather shoes and wallets are often made with the highest level of workmanship and wuality materials. However, most bags and shoes inevitable get discoloured, stained or scratched over time.

Dr. Bags offers quality colour touch-up and full colouring services to help revitalized and revive the look of old, worm-out or seasoned bags and shoes. With a fresh new coat, your bag enjoys a second lease of life.

[Read up more about the different services and view more Before/After pictures on their website]

– – –

I was exceptionally stoked about the re-colouring technique because I have a pair of white Prada booties that have turned into a disgusting shade of yellow over the years.


Look at how clean and white it used to be:


Dr Bags offer a huge array of colours for me to choose from. And because my shoes are currently white, I can basically choose any of the colours I want.


After some thoughts, I decided to go with black (I’M SO NOT ADVENTUROUS, I KNOW! HAHA!)

I really don’t want to keep you in suspense. So this is how my brand new boots look like now!


Apart from the white boots, I also lugged all of my other bags that needed help to Dr Bags!

This is the Céline Trapeze Bag which I have recently swopped. The “fillings” (Sorry, I’m in the food industry and I cannot find a better word to describe this lol) in the bag’s handle has shifted and one part of the handle is now limp and flat. I think this is one of the biggest issue among all the bags I have brought that day; because it requires unstitching, re-filling, and stitching back. And after all that, they still have to make sure that the bag handle looks “untouched”. Major operation.

Here’s the BEFORE:


They also told me that this bag has also previously been re-coloured somewhere else. But look at how bad and blotchy the work was. Dr Bags has offered to do a complete re-colouring for me to get rid of the uneven colours!


Look at the miracles performed!


It’s a pity though, that the leather handle has already been in a bad shape for quite a while so the creases on the leather cannot be undone. 😦

The white on the leather is also much, much more even compared to before where it was peeling.


– – –

Through re-colouring, they have also injected a new lease of life into my 7-year-old Bally bag; from that dull brown…


to a fresh new black!


They have also added protection coatings on all of the bags I brought down using the latest Korean technology. And with that, it means my bags and shoes will be well guarded against moisture, fungus, discolourations and oxidation for up to eight months! There is also an invisible barrier which will prevent colour transference – I can imagine how this would work fabulously on white and other light-coloured leather bags because those are the ones that always suffer from colour transference.

My Bally bag looked just like it came out of a boutique after the little “spa treatment” it received! I really love the new sheen of brightness it has now! Just scroll back up and look at how it was like before the treatments!

– – –

Apart from these, Dr Bags can also fix smaller issues like frays on your bags’ handles?
From this:


to this:


– – –

If you are also someone who looks after your luxury leather goods, and you are looking for a suitable place to get all the cleaning, colour re-touching and weather proofing done, you can check out Dr. Bags as they are currently having some exciting promotions!

1st June 2016 – 31st JULY 2016

Enjoy the Clean & Protect Package at $199 (usual price $250)

This promotion is limited to bag items only, and only valid for one redemption per customer.
Do also call before you head down as the management reserves right to amend any T&Cs without prior notice.

And since most of the customers are ladies (Ok, I really don’t know this but I’m just guessing! Hahahaha!) Dr Bags is having a year-long collaboration with DBS Woman’s Card.


Promotion valid from 1st April 2016 – 31st March 2017

In case you can’t clearly read what’s in the poster I’ve attached above, here’s what is in store for you if you are a DBS Woman’s Card holder –

1. 10% off HP Coating (usual price $150)
2. 10% off ColourPro Touchup services (usual price $80 – $150)
3. Enjoy a complimentary Colourrpo Touchup service when you spend $299 and above*

* Limited to one spot no larger than a 50-cent coin and limited to 2 small corners of the bag; no larger than a 20-cent coin.

– – –

Check out Dr Bags Promotions Page or Facebook Page for more ongoing promotions and news!

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