Month: May 2016

Going Solo

I never knew how people did it – travelling alone, that is. I remembered myself to be a braver person; someone who was not afraid to speak one’s mind and act on one’s thoughts. But I am deeply fearful of being alone.

Let’s Liese!

Let’s talk about DIY Hair Dyes. I know we have all been tried it before. For me, it started when I was in secondary school, there were these weird 3%, 6%, 9% thingy I used to get from the pharmacies to lighten the colour of my hair (Sorry, Discipline Master.) But shopping for a box of DIY hair dye from drug stores now become such a difficult task because there are SO many different brands, so many different types of colours and application methods. So when it comes to DIY hair dyes, are you #TeamFoam or #TeamCream? If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw the little disagreement I had with my Mom when it comes down to this. Mom insisted that cream type hair dyes are better, and I am loyal to my #TeamFoam. Mom thinks cream type hair dye will work better because the colour can be applied more evenly and it is better in quality. That is why the salons are still using cream dyes. Well, good point. But throughout …