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Love The Weather!

Chatted with my university hall mate Mikeller couple of days back and she told me about this Sloggi flash mob that will be taking place in town. I was there for gym that day and I caught it! Hahaha. Here are some pictures of the flash mob – the “weather girls” were decked in their new collection of lingerie and cute raincoats! Traffic stopping indeed!

The Lawn

2013 started with a kickass lobster from Four Seasons Hotel. It’s brunch with the girlies at Four Seasons Hotel! ❤ Food glorious food! Yums yums for my tums tums! Look at my main! This freaking lobster is bigger than my forearm! *gasps* And my favourite friends in the world! Including the latest member of our sisterhood, no I mean.. auntiehood. Heh! We love Baby Rykiel! More photos with the girls! Rossie looks so pretty here!!! Most chio Mommy of the year award. Hehehe! Baby looks so funny here. Heh! I love my girlfriends! Another awesome year ahead! And dear A, thank you for the love for the ENTIRE 2012! I want many many more awesome years with you! xxx I also coloured my hair again at Shunji Matsuo 313. Decided to going back to having a more normal colour and look less K-Pop. Hahaha! The fringe is getting really long and unruly but I’m torn between getting them trimmed and keeping them long. Gaaahhh! I also took my unruly black hair to this really cute …

Eu Yan Sang

I am excited about this post because I feel obliged to share what I have learnt from my visit to Eu Yan Sang recently! I have always felt that I am a healthy and tough cookie, but it was only weeks ago when I heard of a new term called “sub-health problems”. Yes. I know you are scratching your head now thinking about what on earth sub-health problems are. In layman’s term, sub-health is the state between health and actual illness. For instance when you feel unwell, you’re always tired, you suffer from insomnia, stress, irregular menstrual cycles etc, but the doctor cant find anything particularly wrong with you… these may be symptoms of sub-health. You can actually still live with and function with sub-health but if the symptoms are leave unattended, they may gradually evolve into more serious medical conditions. I know. Sounds very scary. Haha! I shall lighten the mood a little with some pictures I took at the Eu Yan Sang Premier TCM Centre at Camden Medical Centre, which is just a …