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Heineken Cities Festival

I am still in the festive mood as I scroll through and look at the pictures taken at the recent Heineken Cities Festival. For those of you who had missed the festival this year, the Heineken Cities Festival was a celebration of the launch of the 6 Heineken City Edition bottles named after the top cities of the world – Singapore, Amsterdam, Shanghai, London, New York and Rio de Janeiro. I have never attended any parties like that in Singapore; the festival took place along Club Street and Ann Siang Hill. Yes, ON THE STREETS! The whole area was decorated with the flags of the different countries where the cities are from, and littered with street performers and icons representing the 6 cities. I am so loving the special City Edition beer bottles! Let’s let the pictures do the talking! I have the company of my colleagues from The Tiramisu Hero and first, a selfie!

K ki Cafe

A and I will be on our way to our first Bangkok trip together. I did some research on where to go and what to eat, and I was devastated when I realized that Suan Lom Night Market is gone! I used to like that place so much despite the expensive food, etc. After reading some forums and travel sites, I found a couple other night markets! One is called Rod Fai, another one called Ratchada Lad Phrao Night Market. I heard they sell a lot of vintage and 2nd hand stuff. Got no idea how we can get there though, if you have any idea or have been there, please share some information! We would really appreciate it! As for accommodation, we’ll be checking out two hotels – TENFACE and MADUZI Hotel. I’m thrilled! For now, let me share this new cafe we visited at Ann Siang Hill. It’s called K ki and within the same space, you can also find The Little Dröm Store which sells a lot of cute knick knacks, clothes …