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Pretty Faces. Pretty Sounds.

I’ve been bothered by my huge face my entire adult life, always envious of the tiny faces on other girls. Slightly more than 2 months ago, I tried Botox again with Dr SM Yuen at Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetics Clinic – the same doctor I went to many years back. As much as Botox is very common right now, and there are so many Before/After pictures online, I would like to share my little Botox Progress Journal over the last 2 months odd and share some of the commonly asked questions about Botox.

Hello Forever

It was Lianie’s birthday on 2nd October and we all headed out to have dinner together at Casa Verde at Botanic Gardens! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIANIE DEAR! May you always be so gorgeous and fucking fabulous! We love you! ❤ The food there was really good and I like how it is not crazy crowded even at dinner time. I’ve been there for lunch once and it was packed to the brim! (Or maybe we were just luckier that night) Glorious food! I love the pizza!! I wore my new parka from Runway Bandits and new awesome kicks from Soeurs! If you haven’t heard of Soeurs, it’s time to visit them at Cineleisure Level 2. It’s opened by the awesome Jayne Tham and her sister Jasmine! And even if you don’t want to check out these lovely sisters, do it for the gorgeous shoes they have in store! I love this pair so much that I got it in both blue and pink! Totally dig the metal tips. xxx The next day, I set out early …