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Chiang Mai my love

It’s time for another post for my favourite Dove chocolates!
And when I was told to blog about something close to heart –
something similar to the warm fluffy feeling melting a piece of chocolate in my mouth would give me,
I thought I should dedicate this entry to my beloved Mom.

Screen shot 2012-01-18 at AM 01.21.27

My mother has always been an inspiration to me since young.
She always struck me as a free-spirited, optimistic and daredevil woman.
Although she is my mother, she has always been more of a friend instead.
We could talk about almost anything and we are comfortable to show our innermost feelings before each other.
Well, to me at least.

Screen shot 2012-01-18 at AM 01.21.55

Mommy was a really adventurous girl.
She used to tell me how she just picked up her luggage and went off to Japan to live and
work for half a year when she was about 21 or 22.
And when she was in her late twenties, she did it again, that time to London.

In many ways, she has taught me how to be daring enough to go after what you want and follow your heart.
I see a lot of myself in her.

Screen shot 2012-01-18 at AM 01.22.07
Screen shot 2012-01-18 at AM 01.22.14

Mommy is my best friend and the one person I will never ever forsake.
With this entry for Dove chocolates, I’d like to dedicate this post for the woman I love the most.

Thanks for bringing me into this beautiful world and teaching me all the right things in life.

Screen shot 2012-01-18 at AM 01.22.39

I’m feeling all fluffy and warm inside now. Heh!
And of course, just in case you’ve missed all the wonderful silky smooth
Dove chocolates I’ve introduced on my blog earlier,
here is one reminder for you to try out the smooth chocolates from Dove.
Melt the silky smooth chocolate in your mouth for that warm, fluffy feeling of love too. 🙂

That aside, I just came back from my 5-days Chiang Mai trip too!
I was there with A and her colleagues, and I really enjoyed the company and Chiang Mai a lot.
It was rather chilly over there now but it can still be rather warm in the afternoon.
I wish Singapore had that kind of climate too!

Screen shot 2012-01-18 at AM 02.01.53

We stayed at Royal Princess Hotel, which was right smack in the middle of the main Night Bazaar area.
Lots of food, shopping and massage places all around so it was fabulous.
The hotel itself was pretty alright too. 🙂


Okay, to be honest, the writings on the wall freaked the scaredy-cat me slightly when I first entered the room.
But after I surveyed the other rooms and realised it was just a design, I heaved a sigh of relief.
You can’t be too sure, when it comes to hotel rooms. Hahaha.


It was already rather late when we we done with the hotel and all,
so we decided to just head for dinner and then start cruising around the nearby night market.
The night bazaar start at around 5pm daily and the stalls will start closing at around 10 or 11pm.
The stalls here are almost the same as those found in Bangkok actually.
But shopping around here is so much more pleasant because of the fine weather.
It was be quite cold at night, so even if it’s quite crowded, it never gets hot and stuffy. 🙂


I love the work by this artist!
He paints with a brush and uses powdered lead.
Super awesome right!
Look at all the details on the face and all!


We stopped for occasional drinks too and we found some exotic juices!!!


Painapple and Mongo juice. Never drink before right!


I also found a new love, banana crepes.
I always say dirty looking things tastes the best. Hahaha! Kidding.
But these banana pancakes sold at those roadside stalls are to-die-for!
The chocolate, the hot pancake, the banana and the cornflakes! YUMMY!


It’s very easy to make me happy. :p


Day 2 was the first full day we had in Chiang Mai.
We started it with a visit to the famous Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep.
According to the tour guide, if you didn’t visited this temple during your Chiang Mai trips,
it’s as if you’ve never been to Chiang Mai.
SO! Here we are at the beautiful Doi Suthep Temple!

Chiang Mai 1st post
Chiang Mai

We bought candles, joss sticks and lotus flowers.
We were supposed to walk 3 rounds around the main pagoda and your wishes will come true!
Of course, I took the chance to make a wish too. :p
Something random, the lotus flower is really pretty.


A says we were supposed to ring the bells to “announce our presence” (or something like that).

Chiang Mai 1st post1

After the short stay at the temple, we took one of the mini buses up the hills to visit on of the tribes living in Chiang Mai.
The roads were really narrow and I really had to give it up to the bus drivers!
Our regular tour buses were too big and these are the “buses” we took.


The weather was great and we were lucky to catch quite a few cherry blossom trees on our way up too!
If I’m not wrong, the tribe is called Miao Tribe or something.
I’m never good with names.
They made a lot of handmade stuff for sale and seem to have green fingers because all the flowers up there were gorgeous!
Pretty simple and happy looking people if you ask me. 🙂

Spot the cherry blossom! Almost felt like Japan kay! Hahaha.

Chiang Mai 1st post2

The girlfriend looks quite hot even when she’s shooting hanging papayas. :p


And pretty flowers that were littered all over the mountains!


And do you recognise this particular flower?


If you guessed Poppy, then you’re right!
I have seen the poppy plant when it’s all colourful and pretty but I never knew after all the petals fall off,
the core of the flower is actually where the opium came from.

The tour guide also showed us how they get what they want from the plant to make opium and heroine.
Apparently, you need to score the surface with a needle or something and collect the sap from the bud (or something).


I rubbed some of the sap on my fingers and took a whiff.
Smells really funky. It was not pleasant but not exactly awful as well.
Just erm.. smells like plants lor. But the smell kinda grows on you and become less unpleasant after a few more whiffs.

And the marijuana plant.
This is the one that gives you your weed, your magic mushroom or whatever crazy hallucinating brownies.
These plants ah… tsk tsk tsk.


We toured around the village a little more and met some of the people living there.
No matter where you go, the kids are always so cute.


I shall end today’s post with this pretty cherry blossom tree we spotted there!
I miss my blog so much after 5 days of being internet-less!
Will be back with more pictures and updates.
I love and hate my wanderlust!


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Peggy is an independent blogger from Singapore who has a penchant for impromptu travel plans and good caffe lattes. She is the co-owner of two little cafes, The Tiramisu Hero and Butter My Buns, and hopes to be able to see the world someday; one stop at a time.


  1. hey peg, thought of sharing this powerful video with you. About equal rights, seen many netizen keep on commenting about you and A. Best still share this with your readers =))

    xo ade.


  2. Omg!
    The banana crepe looks yummy! The base is a pancake or crepe?
    Issit a crispy kind?

    Stay happy to you and A

    Btw where A got her iPhone red cover?



  3. Xueqi says

    yo peggy! I am happy to see that you are happier than before and no emo posts in a few months! 🙂

    BTW as u ah.. How did u travel around chiang mai? Mini bus too??


  4. samantha says

    Hey Peggy!

    I think someone may have asked u before…. haha. What is the model of the camera that u used in this post? The pictures are really nice and im sourcing for new cameras for my upcoming taiwan trip. 🙂


    • sixpegs says

      ade – that was quite a powerful video. thanks for sharing! 😀

      Kiki – It’s crepe! Sadly it’s not the crispy kind (I think I’d prefer the crispy kind) but it’s nice too! the edges are crispy. Her red cover is a sticker actually. But cannot remember where we got it already eh. It was from a blogspot website selling phone stickers.

      Xueqi – thanks girl. hope you’re doing fine too. 🙂 We went Chiang Mai on a tour so we had a tour bus to bring us around. But around Chiang Mai, I think you can take the minibus around. 20baht per trip, very affordable too! You can apparently flag them down anywhere along the streets and let the driver decide whether to take you based on where he is headed. 🙂

      samantha – thanks for the compliment! it’s an Olympus EPL2! The camera is awesome! They have a newer model EPL3 now, you can consider that if you’re looking at getting a new camera! 🙂


  5. long says

    Hi there Peggy! Can I ask which tour guide did you used for your tours in chiangmai? Also, did u tip the your guide at the end? If so, how much is reasonable? Thanks for your help! 🙂


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