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I am always thankful for the things in my life that is keeping me sane. Like.. my pets. My A. The love from family. Yoga at home, at 3am. So before I continue with my rambles, I want to thank Vivre Active Wear for sending over some of the high quality yoga wears and mat for me! I LOVE THE DESIGNS!

Let’s Catch Up!

The last time I checked, I have been a horrible blogger. I have not been updating my blog regularly, and it was so bad a reader I bumped into at my cafe asked if I was still blogging. I am sorry guys. Tonight feels like the night for some virtual verbal vomit. – – – Work has been overwhelming since I got back from my trips and as of now, there is still a whole load of work that needs to be cleared. A Happy Chinese New Year to all of my Chinese readers! (At least I’m still in time to wish y’all this. Heh!) To be honest, 2015 has been quite crazy for me. I started the year flying around, to Seoul for work, and to Italy / Sweden / Copenhagen for part work part leisure. My second trip halfway round the globe to the Scandinavian countries is truly an eye opener and I cannot wait to blog about my experiences soon! And when I got back to Singapore, I came face-to-face with some …

#DFW Insiders

If you follow me (and a few other bloggers) on Instagram, then Digital Fashion Week would be not unfamiliar to you. I am really happy to be one of the few bloggers on the DFW journey, not because it means I am better than other because there are obviously SO MANY GAZILLION better bloggers than me in Singapore, but because I’ve never done anything like that before. It was a really good experience and I got to know some of the bloggers a bit better (and loving it). Because of DFW, I also got to meet like-minded people from all over the world. And they are all so darn cool. So for the record, thank you Digital Fashion Week and Nuffnang Singapore. 🙂 This is not an advertisement so I do apologise in advance if it seems a little haphazard. (It’s 3am now and it’s almost bed time) DFW started in Singapore and I got to know so many of the amazing local designers! Ok, not know the designers per se, more of get to …


They always say “Girl Power”, and for me, it is exceptionally prominent during that special time of the month. If you know what I’m talking about, and have once experienced that awful thing called “menstrual cramp”, you would definitely agree with me. A couple of weeks back, I had the opportunity to attend a talk by Dr Yong Yoke Fai from NUHS and learnt more about how menstrual cramps could just be one of the many symptoms of more serious problems like endometriosis. Immediately after the talk, I shared the information I’ve learnt with A, and it was only then when I found out that she actually had this same condition a few years back before I met her. Why curl up in bed and suffer in silence? 😦 Let me share what I’ve learnt with you!

I Love iMyBags!

My complicated love/hate relationship with bags goes way back. Love; because they are just such awesome arm candies and have the ability to complete any outfit. Hate: because they very often burn a hole in my pocket, and it’s so troublesome to find somewhere where I can shop for all the brands I like (either that, or I’ll have to pay a hefty shipping fee).

The Encounter

Before I begin, can I please say that I’m not getting paid a single cent to promote this. My tiramisu gang and I checked out The Encounter and it was a freaking awesome Escape Room! I haven’t been to a lot of escape rooms (only this one and another one called, and Encounter really blew my mind! We look pretty garang all decked up in our uniforms ya? :p

Italy Summer Packing List

My Italy vacay starts tomorrow and I am jotting down all the stuff I need to pack for the trip. I find it extremely bothersome to have to pack for a trip (especially a long one) without a packing list. Do you have the same problem? And since I foresee myself going for many, many more trips in future. I shall put up my packing list online so I won’t have to make new lists in the future. *genius* If you’re the worry wart sort and want to make sure you didn’t miss out anything, you could check against mine too!