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Names that begin with A

Today, I am here to gossip about others.
Coincidentally, all three of them have names starting with A.
They are all very interesting people, but in very different ways.
One wrenched my heart, the other made me bewildered and the last one made my toes laughed out loud.

Ok, I cannot wait to share so I shall start now!!

For those who have watched enough local comedies and sitcoms, you would have seen Abigail Chay before.
In the past (actually even until recently), I have always been unable to determine her gender.
Do you know she is also the daughter of the famous McDonalds Granny who appeared in many McDonalds TVC in the 90s?
For those who don’t know how Abigail looks like, here is a few pictures to refresh your memory.

Screen shot 2012-01-31 at PM 11.44.55

I chanced upon a video about her life not too long ago and it really touched my heart.
I never knew the woman whom everyone laughed at and teased actually had such a turbulent life,
and spending many years of her life in turmoil and confusion.

The following excerpt is taken from thestar:

She was born Caesar Chay Tuck Kwong and had her formal education at an all-boys school.

But even at the tender age of five, she knew she wasn’t like other boys,
who’d kick a football about and catch spiders in her neighbourhood, while she played dolls with the girls.
Whenever her mother was out, she would play with her make-up.
Another time, a majie (housekeeper) in the family’s employ put her in a dress and took her to a nearby provision shop.

“The neighbours all remarked, ‘wah, you really look like a girl’.
I was so happy,” she says, flashing a toothy grin at the thought.

But school was hardly a drag, even though there was the annoying presence of
a bully who used to rain punches on the effeminate 12-year-old Chay.
When Chay’s backlane friends wanted to teach the bully a lesson, she put her pale,
frail body between him and the small mob – something which earned the respect of the bully,
who stopped his taunts and told Chay she had yi qi (Mandarin for loyalty).

“School was actually a place to take my mind away from being a girl trapped in a boy’s body,” she recounts,
absent-mindedly twirling her clumpy long tresses again.
“Whenever nice-looking guys came and talked to me and I felt attracted to them, I always felt sinful.”

That feeling of guilt – born partly out of being the only son and child of traditional Cantonese and Christian parents,
both of whom worked in clerical jobs – pushed Chay to date a girl from church at 15.

“She was wondering why we never held hands over the one year we were together.
She asked me what the status of our relationship was. I said, ‘I tried, but I don’t think I can’.”

Unable to love a girl and unable to let herself fall in love with boys,
the teenage Chay read psychology books and decided a sex change was the solution.

But, first, there was the business of National Service,
which she had to endure after her pre-university education at Our Lady of Lourdes.

“I was scared to death of going into the army. I thought I would surely be humiliated for being a soft boy.”

But, “wilfully optimistic”, she thought the experience might toughen her up.

As it turned out, not only did she not suffer at the hands of macho men,
everyone was protective of the skinny boy, with some fellow soldiers even offering to clean and carry her rifle.

After National Service, she worked as a window display artist
at a fashion store – “ironically, it was called Heshe”, she recalls.

Her mother also paid for her to attend a modelling course,
and it was there that she met a transsexual who told her about a rumour of a new government policy
that would see new transsexuals get “marked” on their identity cards by the end of the year.

Fearful of being branded for life and in a hurry to beat the supposed deadline,
Chay finally came clean with her parents and pleaded with them to pay for her sex change.

Here are four clips you can watch to find out more about Abigail’s life story.

I think she is really brave and lucky to have such supportive parents.
Next time when you wanna laugh about how out of place she looks, think again. 🙂

I recently also watched Jack Neo’s new movie “I Not Naughty” with A and my Mom.
I checked out the reviews on the Golden Village website and saw some comments about this certain Amos Yee in the movie.
All bad comments, just in case you’re wondering.
So after the movie, I decided to head home and find out for myself who on earth this Amos Yee is.
And to my surprise, this Amos Yee is actually this annoying potato boy in the movie.

Screen shot 2012-01-31 at PM 11.45.09
Screen shot 2012-01-31 at PM 11.01.11

I wondered how a 14-year-old kid can stir so much shit and cause so much unhappiness, so, I went to check it out.
And to my horror, the Zhonghua Secondary School student is not only a smart alec but also a spoilt and arrogant brat.
All his fame started when he won the FiRST Film Fest organized by The New Paper with his painful-to-watch video, Jan.

Seriously don’t know what is so funny.
Little Amos must be influenced by those NigaHiga and Kev Jumba videos. Meh.
Ok, the thing is, there’s nothing wrong with a 14-year-old trying to be creative and experimental.
And apparently, he REALLY speaks with that American accent.

All the trouble started when he posted a video mocking the origins of the Chinese zodiacs and
stating how he feels the Chinese New Year is “copying the American New Year”, leaving many netizens enraged and agitated.
He calls the Youtube video “a joke executed well”.
And of course, this joke has already been removed from Youtube.

UPDATE: Managed to find the video uploaded by another Youtube user. Here it is!

Jack Neo gave him one of the roles in his movie because the director was impressed by him during the film fest.
Instead of being thankful and appreciative for the chance and recognition,
he talked crap about the movie at its press conference.

Damn well done.

Here are some excerpts from xinmsn.

The teenager further elaborated his views when he was asked on how would have improved on the script and shared,
“There shouldn’t be so much weird transitions.”

“Do you realised that the film has a lot of fade in and jumps from scenes over and over and over again,”
the Zhonghua Secondary School student said and added, “That is confusing.”

That’s not all. On the development of the characters in the movie, he said,
“You can do it at the beginning but it goes on for the entire film.”

“And that bothers me,” he revealed, “and my whole family agrees that it’s freaking messy.”

Despite his critical remark, the 14-year-old actor was earlier spotted singing praises of movie director Jack Neo during the conference.

“Oh, Jack Neo, you are awesome. You are like my uncle,” he proclaimed. He also mentioned that he likes his scenes in the movie.

Watch the interview here if you wanna be annoyed by the kid too.
Reeeaaaaallllyyyy arrogant, spoilt and 不会做人, that’s all I can say.

Ok, and for the third interesting person today, I shall introduce Mr Aaron Tan!
I came across this person from MrBrown’s website.
It happened quite long ago so I hope there will be a few people out there (like me!) who haven’t heard of him before.

Screen shot 2012-01-31 at PM 11.45.19
Screen shot 2012-01-31 at PM 11.43.36

Apparently this 18-year-old Ah Beng made a video to threaten a 14-year-old kid
who tried to “be funny” with his girlfriend on Facebook.
And get this. His girlfriend’s name on Facebook is Nina Wantyouonly
and the 14-year-old kid is called http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000745753183.
Freaking haps.
How come people wanna put such funny names on Facebook ah?
The Ryan boy got balls also. According to his Facebook info,
he is from the same secondary school as Aaron – Bulok Town Secondary.
Yeah the Aaron boy is 18 and still in Bulok Town.

I think this Aaron is quite interesting and I really had a look laugh.
Priest lor. Is lily beh funny lorz!

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  1. Elaine says

    I had the privilege of meeting Abigail today. She’s got such a lovely personality and so endearing. Wish I could have spent more time getting to know her better. I hope our paths will cross again someday. To Abigail: Take care and God bless! Thank you for taking time off from your busy schedule to meet my student. I am truly touched.


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