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War Against Varicose

Screen shot 2012-05-09 at AM 02.08.01

That picture above serves to attract your attention because I know everyone loves to look at and want to have killer legs.
It also aims to make you feel incompetent because your legs don’t look like those in the picture above.
But fret not, because most of us don’t have those legs!

Before I begin, I have to emphasize that this is not an advertorial for any brands.
Haha! Alright. The whole story started when A commented that the veins at the back of my knees are very obvious.
She called them “a little bit scary”.
I do not want to come across as being scary in any way so I decided to do a little research on those impending varicose veins.

Something random.
I used to think that those nasty looking veins are called “VERY COARSE VEINS”, well, because they are really very coarse.
I feel a little ridiculed when I realized that they were actually spelt “varicose veins”.
Why can’t they just make it easier and call them “very coarse veins”? Heh!
They are also called “spider veins”.
I think I’m quite smart.

And for the benefit of those who are born with absolutely gorgeous, flawless and problem-free legs,
this is what very-coarse varicose veins and how not-so-coarse-now-but-might-get-coarser-in-future varicose veins looks like.

Screen shot 2012-05-09 at AM 02.08.43

Screen shot 2012-05-09 at AM 02.08.51

Screen shot 2012-05-09 at AM 02.09.02

That last picture shown above is freaking scary.

Before I explain why I am suddenly talking about varicose veins at 2am on a Wednesday morning,
I shall share some information I found out about varicose veins because I think it’s good information for everyone.
Here is what I found from the internet.


Varicose veins are twisted, enlarged veins near the surface of the skin.
They are most common in the legs and ankles.
Though they usually aren’t serious, they can sometimes lead to other problems.
They are caused by the weakened valves in your veins, when they are not performing like how they should,
blood accumulates at those areas and pressure builds up.
Varicose veins runs in the family.
It is also more prominent among people who are overweight, pregnant,
or have jobs that require one to stand for long periods of time.
Varicose veins comes with age too.


Veins appear blue or purple and twisted under the skin.
Some people do not have any symptoms.

Mild symptoms may include:
Heaviness, burning, aching, tiredness, or pain in your legs.
Symptoms may be worse after you stand or sit for long periods of time.
Swelling in your feet and ankles.
Itching over the vein.

More serious symptoms include:
Leg swelling.
Swelling and calf pain after you sit or stand for long periods of time.
Skin color changes.
Dry, thinned skin.

They are usually not serious problems but if the blockage gets worse, deep vein thrombosis may occur.

OK. Now we have come to the part where I explain why I’m blogging about varicose veins today.
After the comment from A about those unsightly veins behind my knees,
I recalled reading somewhere about how compression stockings can help reduce appearance of varicose veins.
(There is also that TVC with Paige Chua rolling around on the bed recommending those stockings too)
So I bugged A and told her that I should probably try to get one of those stockings and see if it helps.

To my horror, the stockings I bought is freaking PURPLE IN COLOR!

I mean, no offence to anyone who likes purple because purple is nice color but personally,
purple thigh-high stockings with pink rims is as bad as Barney being a frigging purple dinosaur.

A has been calling me GRANNY since I started wearing these stockings and I’ve been feeling miserable.
Wait till I get nice slender legs! I’m sure she will be jealous! Hahaha.

I have only been wearing these stockings for two nights and the feeling is pretty good to be honest.
I wasn’t sure if it was because the stockings were tight or if it’s just the placebo event,
but I could almost feel blood pumping through my legs when I wear the stockings.
Almost like my legs were having a mild workout while I lay in bed trying to get to sleep!


Pretty interesting feeling if you ask me.
But I really wish they had the stockings available in more colours though. Urgh.
Trust me, I look horrible in purple.

Other than being able to prevent varicose veins, these stockings are said to be able to tone the legs too.
N I C E .

Can you see the parts of the stockings that are supposedly tighter?


For your information, some other ways to prevent varicose veins includes:
Propping up (elevating) your legs.
Avoid long periods of sitting or standing.
Get plenty of exercise.

Or for more serious cases, you can also consider getting sclerotherapy to close off the veins
or laser treatment and radiofrequency treatment to close off the veins.
They all sound very scary to me!

SO, let’s take good care of our legs together.
For good health and good looks! :p

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Peggy is an independent blogger from Singapore who has a penchant for impromptu travel plans and good caffe lattes. She is the co-owner of two little cafes, The Tiramisu Hero and Butter My Buns, and hopes to be able to see the world someday; one stop at a time.


  1. w says

    thought this post would be on your first year anniversary…but thanks for sharing x


    • sixpegs says

      w – Hahaha. Will get to that soon. The stockings are our first year anniversary present actually. LOL! Kidding.

      eileen tan – I got mine from Guardian 🙂 Slightly less than $50.

      HT – Sure! 🙂


  2. elleen tan says

    hi, may i know from where can get the stockings ?? thanks.. 🙂


  3. HT says

    Please do write a post after a few months to show us the effects of the stockings, thank you! 🙂


  4. Kayla says

    haha i wear those too, hoping that my legs will be slimmer!
    it was really difficult to wear them at the beginning tho


  5. Ashley says

    OMG! That’s the scholl compression stockings right? I’ve been wearing them for a month now.. and i swear they made my legs less tired! The best thing is…. it really does make my legs slimmer! I did measure before and after.. good luck peggy! love your new set of teeth!


    • sixpegs says

      Ashley – Yes it’s those stockings! REALLY AH! I must wear them religiously then! I’ll remove them in the morning when I wake up for peepee break and then go back to sleep without them. OHMYGOD I want slimmer legs toooooooo!!


  6. Rachel says

    I used these compression stockings for a while, but they didn’t help much for me. My veins were always swollen and painful. It was even difficult and painful to walk. I did some research for different varicose vein treatment options and came across the usa vein clinics website. Long story short I made an appointment with them for a laser procedure which only took about 15-20 minutes and wasn’t even painful at all. I didn’t even have to have any down time. Not only are my varicose veins gone, but I even found out that my insurance would pay for the procedure. I had a great experience at the usa vein clinic. The staff and doctors were very kind and supportive. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to get their varicose veins removed forever!


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