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Bangkok III

I am back with another entry about my Bangkok trip!
This is the third and last post about this recent trip though,
and it feels as if I am on the trip and it is ending all over again.
I miss the Land of Smiles already!

For this last entry, I want to share one of my favourite night markets in Bangkok!
But before that, here are some pictures taken during our anniversary dinner there.
It’s our first year together and we decided to just spend it like any other day.
We had dinner at the 9th Cafe in Siam Paragon.
It’s just a simple looking cafe but the food was pretty good!
(The food is nice everywhere in Bangkok lah!)


This is my lady’s ‘happy smile’.





The food! A likes her western food and my heart has long been stolen by Thai cuisine.



After dinner, we went down to our favourite dessert haunt Vanilla Brassiere
and bought a tiny Tiramisu cake before we head back to the hotel.





A says this cake is made for us because it looks like a boob. LOL!



It was our first time to Rot Fai Night Market and we were being punked by the damn taxi driver who took us there!
Rot Fai Night Market is just walking distance from the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market,
but because we went to the night market from the town area, we had to take a taxi instead.

The bloody driver dropped us in front of a WET MARKET and told us it was Rot Fai Market.
I was so pissed when I got off the cab.
Fortunately with the directions from some kind Thai youngsters, we managed to walk to Chatuchak Market.
And from there, we walked to Rot Fai Night Market with a stream of people who were also walking there from Chatuchak.

So if you’re going there, do remember that you can actually walk to Rot Fai from Chatuchak!
I know I didn’t blog much about Chatuchak Weekend Market although I went there on my trip.
Well everyone knows about Chatuchak, isn’t it? Haha.
But for those who are going to Bangkok soon, just a reminder to check out Section 3 in the market!
My favourite section other than the pets section.

I love this night market because the mood there was just awesome!
It was really crowded but the people there are all hip and fun looking.
Lots of interestingly dressed people and all the stuff on sale there are really cute too!

Most of the stalls are operated out of vintage cars or cute looking mini vans.
Vintage furnitures, vintage clothes, vintage knick knacks, you can find almost anything vintage down there.










I love these really cute furnitures on sale there!
Suddenly wish I already have my own home so I can start buying all these gems home!
So so cute. I have to go back to Bangkok to buy furnitures for my home in future!


Look at these cases!



Seats made from a bath tub!


And more pictures! Look at all the funky people selling funky things,
and funky people buying funky things!
Everyone looks fun there. Heh!




Vintage toys on sale too!


And I LOVE that microphone this dude is using!



There are bars and eating places operating from a vehicle.
Lots of them littered all around the night market actually.
I also spotted a couple hippie looking young people sitting around eating and chatting while tending to their stalls.
I’m amazed by how they can make the whole place look so cute with just a few decorative items!



We had our dinner there as well!
In this place called Rod’s. It’s one of the more done-up eating place around there but we were sold when we saw the decor.
Very cute!
There was live music in there while you dine too.
No air con though. I was so happy it was at night so it wasn’t too warm in there.
Sorry if the pictures are a little dark!





I guess this pretty much concludes my Bangkok trip.
I was scrolling through the pictures I took when I was there and I chanced upon pictures of our favourite Thai dishes!
Basil leaves minced chicken with fried egg & stew pork rice with egg.
They are so yummy…



I am usually not a huge shopaholic when I’m in Bangkok.
Didn’t really buy so many things that I can lay everything out on the bed and take a photo of all the junk I bought.
So here are some of the cute little knick knacks I bought on this short trip.






Bought some clothes and usual singlets and stuff. Not worth mentioning.
To all those who are going to Bangkok soon, you have one jealous person here who is green with envy!
Hope you guys like my mini Bangkok Report!

Will be back tomorrow with more updates!
Sindy is getting married SOON!!!
In less than two weeks’ time actually, and the girlfriends are all crazy with the preparations and stuff.

Be right back with more stories, pictures and nice cafes to recommend! ❤

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Peggy is an independent blogger from Singapore who has a penchant for impromptu travel plans and good caffe lattes. She is the co-owner of two little cafes, The Tiramisu Hero and Butter My Buns, and hopes to be able to see the world someday; one stop at a time.


  1. huishan says

    OMG, your mini BKK report is totally timely! hehehe.
    am going over next week!
    the night market is damn cool…:O how did you discover it?
    and where did you get your skull bracelet btw? CTC?


  2. hi peggy, can I ask if there are things to shop at Terminal 21? or only interesting to see? if there is, what’s the price range? TIA! 🙂


  3. cjm says

    Hi Peggy,

    THank you for all your BKK posts! I’m planning the itinerary for a BKK trip this June and would like to ask you about how did you get to those cool cafes/restaurants/hotels?! Are they far away from the city/platinum mall?

    Thanks much!


  4. huishan – that’s awesome to know! 😀 i found out about the night market from online forums! I was lucky too. :p The skull bracelet is from rot fai night market 🙂

    S – there are a lot of nice things to buy AND SEE at Terminal 21. Not very expensive so not to worry too! Maybe 300baht for a pair of simple heels?

    Trace – I like your name! Very cute! I got the skull bracelet from Rot Fai night market in Bangkok. 🙂

    cjm – You’re most welcome! 😀 I knew of those places from friends and forums etc. All are within the town area!


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