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Grin Affair

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Before I start on my post, I would like to thank blog reader dropletsloves for sharing a list of cafes and other food haunts!
A and I dropped by Grin Affair yesterday and we loved what we found there!
I have to admit that the outlook of the place did put me off for a short while.
I guess that was because I was expecting a nice looking cafe and Grin Affair didn’t fit the mental image I had.
I am so glad we gave the cupcakes a chance though!

It was SO good!





Grin Affair is located in the outskirts of town area at Everton Park.
It was a really nice neighborhood!
To be honest, I was a little appalled when I first arrived at Grin Affairs because I was expecting a cute looking cafe.
But this shop looks just like a very old school hole in the wall.
There aren’t much seats in the shop, and it is quite a small space.
But strangely, I think the simplicity and unpretentious look of Grin Affair made it special!

The interiors look simple and decorated with adorable hand made knick knacks.
Feels just like home.







I did a little research about Grin Affairs before dropping in and all I knew was that they sold “some sort of cupcakes”.
The reviews of the desserts there were all pretty good and I was really looking forward to trying them!
But what I saw on the menu didn’t look like cupcakes at all!
Look! They should be called jarcakes!




We couldn’t wait any longer so we ordered one each!
Wish it was a little cheaper though. Heh.
Look at the jarcakes! Very pretty presentation and they tasted fantastic!
It’s really nice how they used fresh ingredients for the desserts. Made hell lot of a difference to the taste!



I tried the strawberry one.


And A picked the durian flavour.
Very yummy & fresh!



It was so good I think I finished mine in less than 10 mouthfuls. :p
I have never tasted anything like this before and was really excited about it!
A’s Mom is a huge fan of baking, so we decided to get her one of the jarcakes to try.
The takeaway packaging is even cuter!
This is the hazelnut flavour by the way.



Here is a link to Grin Affair’s website if you are interested in trying them out too!
Highly recommended!
Screw pretty decor or huge spacious cafes and come here if you want really good cupcakes (or rather, jarcakes)!
I also found out that they also do bulk sales and catering services.
These sweets will look really pretty in parties!

The neighborhood is quiet and really nice to stroll around in!
Here are a couple photos before we headed over to the nearby Duxton Road for dinner.



Duxton Road is just less than 5 minutes drive away.
We wanted to check out more cafes here but only realized that it was a Monday and most of the cafes are closed.






We were lucky enough to spot this Japanese restaurant that looks pretty welcoming.
Man! The tempura was good!
A described them as “fried to perfection”. Hahaha!






A and I had been busy painting my room for almost 2 full days last week.
As some of you might know, my room was painted in black.
It has been in darkness for the last couple years and I decided to paint it all white this time round!
It took us almost 4 layers of paint to cover up the black.

After seeing the plain white walls, I felt bored because they looked so plain.
So I begged A to help me draw a cube on one of the walls.
I saw this “3D” cube metal frame being sold in one of the furniture shops in town before, and it was really cool.
Look at how our very own 3D cube looks like! :p




A also gave me this crazy idea of scribbling and doodling on another plain white wall!
I thought it was a brilliant idea because I love doodling and have never really doodled on walls before.
SO… We started writing! Heh.
It is really nice to have a little bit of A on my walls. πŸ™‚

It would probably take weeks to fill up the entire wall at the rate we’re going.
But till then, here are some pictures of our progress so far!



A for Aileen my love.


And the TALENT is, of course, ME! Hahaha.


A little bit of Boo on the walls too. Heh!


That “URGH” came about when I accidentally dropped my brush while painting and painted a little black spot on the wall.
So I decided to remember that stupid moment by writing what I exclaimed when the accident happened.


Grin Affair1

As for today, I went out with my new top from PaulBevy!
I love the top and it is so comfy to be in.
Thanks so much for the love, PaulBevy!

Screen shot 2011-08-30 at PM 06.14.04

[OMG I look so much like my Mom in the photo above!]


As for today, it is a special day for me.
It was the first time I did….




I have been having some mild subhealth problems lately so I decided to try out acupuncture.
It was quite an interesting experience.
I shall update more in another post soon! :p

A and I have been crazy about Japanese food of late and I wanna recommend another unassuming ramen shop
that does ramen so well that you might just eat the bowl up as well!
It is called Hachifukumaru at Orchard Point.
They serve ramen with black and red sauce, kinda interesting.
The gyozas there are really juicy and crispy too! YUMMY!



And I shall end this post with some waiting-for-ramen-gross-narcissistic shots.
Be right back with more updates and rambles soon!

Grin Affair

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Peggy is an independent blogger from Singapore who has a penchant for impromptu travel plans and good caffe lattes. She is the co-owner of two little cafes, The Tiramisu Hero and Butter My Buns, and hopes to be able to see the world someday; one stop at a time.


  1. Vera says

    Just thought of sharing something after my visit today. The lady boss just dont make customers feel welcoming and even sounded harsh at some point :< The popular flavours (durian,honey lavender,lychee ,matcha, etc) were oos on an early afternoon.

    Thanks for sharing and (sidenote) i LOVE reading your posts! πŸ˜€


  2. cher says

    Hi Peggy, i love your blog! How do you create the ‘warm’ effect in your photos? it feels so vintage-like πŸ™‚


  3. mich says

    Hi Peggy! enjoy reading all your post πŸ˜‰ just wanna ask how do you maintain such flawless skin even though you have some scars and outbreaks in the past. Was looking for solution for my outbreaks but afraid of trying new products or facial in case it get worst 😦 super envious of your fair and flawless skin! Do share more of your beauty regime and products as well as where you go for treatment! TIA!


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