Day: April 3, 2014

Biore Aqua Rich BB Cream

I am a fuss-free girl and have never been a fan of the whole routine of the moisturizer-sunblock-makeup base-liquid foundation-loose powder as it is too cumbersome, time consuming and makes me feel like my skin cannot breathe under so many layer of products! Since the birth of BB Creams, my life has been made a lot easier as it helps me cut down the step of liquid/powder foundation. However, as most BB Creams usually only have SPF 30, I still put on a layer of sunscreen before BB Cream to ensure that my skin is fully protected from the sun! When it comes to UV protection, I am kiasu in this way! :p With my busy schedule now, I have even less time in the mornings to doll up and I would rather have more time to sleep in! Thus, I am always on the lookout for fuss-free products that help me save time and effort yet still makes me look good!