Month: May 2014


Tokyo came and left in the blink of an eye. As much as the world is getting smaller every day with this crazy technology boom, it is still taking me so long to fly around the globe. Hasn’t anyone came up with a teleporting machine yet?

Verbal Vomit Night

At times, I do miss my days in school. Not so much for the insane amount of workload, but more for the freedom to choose what I want to do everyday with all that free time I had on hand. I started reading a new book a couple of weeks back. This might come across as a surprise to you, but I’ve actually never finished a book from cover to cover before. I think it says quite a lot about my character. This new series I’m on now comes in three different parts. I am proud to announce that I had already completed Book I! 2 more to go, and I sure as hell want to kick that horrible habit I have when it comes to reading. I wonder why I haven’t read more in the past. Being able to be temporarily transported into another world, to have the ability to creep inside the author’s mind and indulge in his imagination is actually quite an escape. I had shitload of time but I wasted them …

The Day It All Changes

It was an emotional roller coaster ride for Maliboo and I last weekend this couple of weeks. Boo was scheduled to have her sterilisation operation on 28th April, Monday. And because of the upcoming operation, we decided to bring the dogs out for some fun over the weekend. A and I brought Maliboo, and her huskies Ulva and Theone to East Coast Park for a walk on Saturday. We hardly have the time to bring all three of them out together and they were all really happy! Thank you dear Theone for carrying all the doggie essentials on our walk.

Singsale 2014

I am thrilled about the next Flash Frenzy that is coming up in early May! If you still remember how it was like in November last year, you would probably remember Flash Frenzy being the one place where shoppers went crazy with the up to 80% off discount! Can I please start queuing now? Hahaha. Shopping is like a mega life saver whenever I am feeling stressed (and even when times when I’m relaxed, I would still want to further relax myself by shopping even more!). There is never enough shoes, never enough bags, never enough clothes! I need more “ammunition” to take my #OOTD shots right? Haha! SINGSALE is a private online shopping club that offers discounts of up to 80% off across women, men, kids fashion, accessories, beauty and lifestyle products. They also host sales for top fashion brands in the world on a daily basis. In this event, they will be launching new sale every half an hour. How exciting! In the upcoming Flash Frenzy sale starting from 4th May, the organizers …