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Seoul in a bit!


I spent my last few minutes of 2014 in Mustafa doing some last minute shopping for the upcoming Seoul trip.
I still get a little confused when writing the date, didn’t realise that it’s already 2015!

A couple of days back, the “Yoga Girls” and I finally managed to attend our first yoga class together
at Yoga Movement after MONTHS of discussion.
Yes, months!
Hahahahaha. All of us are always busy at different times and it’s miracle that we managed to find
a time to attend the 90 min hot bikram yoga class together.


I am one of the most “couch potato” person around.
I don’t exercise (not even sit-ups at home, like I used to, years ago) and I have supper almost every night.
And it really feels good to know how it feels like to sweat and get some adrenaline pumping again. 🙂

A and I have lately also set off on a journey to eat clean and try to shed off some weight.
We visited Slim Couture at China Square Central, and it has been more than 2 weeks since our last visit.
What they offered us is a treatment where they will do Gua Sha and Cupping for us, twice a week.
And we have a strict diet to follow.
It was a little hard at first because we had to totally cut off carbs from our diet!
I cannot live without carbs.
Or rather, I thought I cannot live without carbs.
But it has gotten much easier as the days go by.
They say one need 21 days of doing something new repetitively and it will become a habit.
I hope it works for us.

We didn’t lose a lot of weight, just about 2 kgs (for me) and a few centimetres off my arms, tummy and thighs,
but the whole diet thing has really made me feel much healthier, cleaner and less sluggish.
Will cover more next time when I have more information to share.

Diet is always better when two people are doing it together.
And A has been a big sweetheart preparing our lunches every single day.
For breakfast, we just have fruits and vegetables.


Can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually haven’t had any carbs for more than a week!
Look at my food. Not bad ya? :p


The diet also encourages us to snack on cherry tomatoes whenever we are hungry or feel peckish.
Check this out. Haha!


I don’t really feel skinnier (YET), but I really do feel leaner, less unhealthy.
So yup, I’ll share more next time.
And put up pictures of every damn thing I’ve been eating when I really manage to lose a lot of weight. :p
Need to make that body fat percentage drop.
I never thought losing fats is about dropping the body fats percentage, not just the number on the weighing scale.

A and I will be leaving for Seoul in a couple of hours’ time.
I am so excited (and nervous) about the icy cold temperatures there.
I have never seen falling snow in my life! I really hope it’ll snow in Seoul when I’m there.

(Please please!)

A and I have been crazy scrambling around running errands and finishing up our work here in Singapore too.
I have so much work to do and so many things to buy I think my pockets are bleeding now.
But the worse thing is, I’ve also been buying a lot of things that aren’t on my “To Buy” list.


But fortunately, Christmas is not over yet and I’m still receiving gifts. :p


My new blue (green?) American Tourister suitcase by Miss A!
First time in my life I have my own suitcase leh! 😀

The Iridescence also gave me my first pair of culottes.


It’s mad comfortable and I’m impressed with the quality.
I wore an M for this and I was quite surprised because most of the local online stores have really small sizes.
And I normally need to get an L (or even XL!!!) for bottoms.
Thank you for making me feel accepted again, The Iridescence. Haha!

They also gifted me a long cardigan in oxblood colour.
Long cardigans are my best friend because I like to wear singlets but want to hide my thunder arms. Haha!
Looks super thin but surprisingly keeps me quite warm!
Picture snapped by A outside my shop. Hehe! But that’s how I normally look when I’m at work la.


If you like anything from the website, discount code “SIXPEGS15” gives you 15% discount.
The discount code will expire on 31st January 2015.
Do note that The Iridescence only use registered post as it offers tracking for the customers to know
where the package is. And Free registered postage is provided for purchases of 2 items or more.
The Iridescence can also be found on Facebook.

And because I’ll miss my furkids, I also customised a phone cover with Casetify. :p


And now, back to doing what I hate the most – packing. 😦
Only fun part is I get to put on all the accessories I have on my new luggage! Hehe!


Love my scent sachet for the luggage! #mustsmellgood

Will be back for more updates about Seoul in a jiffy! ❤

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