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Let’s Catch Up!

The last time I checked, I have been a horrible blogger.
I have not been updating my blog regularly,
and it was so bad a reader I bumped into at my cafe asked if I was still blogging.

I am sorry guys.
Tonight feels like the night for some virtual verbal vomit.

– – –

Work has been overwhelming since I got back from my trips and as of now,
there is still a whole load of work that needs to be cleared.

A Happy Chinese New Year to all of my Chinese readers!
(At least I’m still in time to wish y’all this. Heh!)

To be honest, 2015 has been quite crazy for me.
I started the year flying around, to Seoul for work,
and to Italy / Sweden / Copenhagen for part work part leisure.
My second trip halfway round the globe to the Scandinavian countries
is truly an eye opener and I cannot wait to blog about my experiences soon!

And when I got back to Singapore, I came face-to-face with some (quite) serious issues at work.
They really caught me off guard because for the longest time, everything seems fine on the surface.
But little did I know that my staff are actually having problems at work and
I really blame myself for not being there to solve problems when they needed me.
To be honest, I think I am quite a horrible leader. :/
And I am grateful to have the support of A, who completes me and
does things that are beyond my capabilities in times like this.

All I can say is, it really isn’t easy managing people.
And things can be made trickier when I am working with the people closest to my heart – good friends and family.
I hope with good communication and faith in each other,
we will be able to overcome all obstacles and grow together as a team, as a family.

This Chinese New Year was rather special for me because I got to spend some good time talking to my Dad.
And under my encouragement, my Dad agreed to an upcoming family trip to Taipei.
Although I won’t be joining them on the trip,
I am very happy to hear that my Dad is joining my Mom and my aunts on the trip because
I honestly cannot remember when was the last time Dad travel with the family.

If I’m not wrong, it was like 12, 15 years ago.

Here are some snapshots from Chinese New Year.


This year is also the first year A and I had a private steamboat session IN HER ROOM!
Hahahaha. That was a lot of fun. :p


I dived straight into work after I came back from the Europe/Scandinavia trip right after CNY is over,
and started doing up some merchandises for sale at the cafe.
I really enjoy the doodling although my Adobe Illustrator skills is rather half-past-six.
A says I would have been a happier kid if I was in a faculty that is more creative.
I cannot agree more. Heh.


I really love the posters!


With colleagues and friends who came to the cafe. 🙂


(LOVE THOSE LASHES! Will talk about it in the later part of this post.)

And I have also finally gotten my driver’s licence.
Just a couple of days back, I did my first “lone drive”!
It is the first time I drove all alone, with no instructor next to me, with no A next to me.


I was so proud I took a selfie after I’ve successfully parked my vehicle. LOL.

Guess where I drove to?
For my nail appointment! Hehehe.

It’s good thing that it’s so near my cafe though, only about 5-10 mins drive away. is a home based salon and
I met the manicurist Jeanne by chance at a seminar a few months back.
It was the first time she did my nails and I think I am going to stick to her from now on.

And it is really amazing to have a comfortable and affordable manicure solution so near my workplace.


And please don’t look down on home-based salons. Because the gadgets and tools they have is comparable,
if not better than regular manicure parlours!
See how many shades of blue Jeanne has!

img src=”” width=”720″ height=”720″ alt=”IMG_8604″>

As Jeanne was helping me with my pedicure, her aunt came by and said HI and
I was pretty tickled by her manicure!
So cute right! :p


I wanted this Evil Eye design I saw on Pinterest and I was impressed by how
Jeanne could easily duplicate the design on my tiny nails!
Steady hands, Jeanne, steady hands. *salute*


Really love the new design. Totally dig such “negative space” designs because they last much longer
and I won’t be as annoyed as my nail starts growing. Heh!


– – –

Because of work, I now hardly get the time to head out and cafe hop.
So when I finally found some time off from work, I took myself out walking and ended up in Keong Siak Street!
Also had an eyelash extension at KJ Studio.
This place is run entirely by Japanese and I was a little surprised that they even answered the phone speaking Japanese.
Somehow, I feel that I’m in good hands even before the session began
because I know how good the Japanese are with their eyelash extensions! :p


The parlour was nice, spacious, spick and span!


And you can also see from the picture, the bed is SUPER comfortable and snooze-worthy.


Very pretty dressing area too!


I did C-curl (there are like 3-4 different kinds of curls) because
I wanted something that can be “seen” but yet still natural.


Jeanne (coincidentally, both my manicurist and the KJ Studio boss have the same name) was patient
and explained to me how the different kinds of lashes are like. 🙂
I did a total of 130 lashes in total because my lashes are quite sparse.
According to Jeanne, most local ladies need about 100 lashes.

What surprised me the most was how the lashes felt like almost nothing on my eyes.
I have tried eyelash extensions before but it always feel heavy and I can sometimes see the lashes;
it always takes some getting used to.
But with this one, it really felt exactly the same as before the extension!
(except look more chip after the extension. Ahem. Heh!)

Here’s the price list so it’s easy for you to see the price point for KJ Studio.


Thank you for the beautiful lashes, Jeanne!

After my appointment, I popped by Potato Head Folk which is right across the road.


Hope I’ll be able to find the time to blog about my trips.
Till then, tata!


I wish my lashes would always remain like that!

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