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Hotel Clover

Staycations always work for me.
Basically, I love anything that “takes me away” from reality, even for a while.

This time, it was at Hotel Clover @ 33 Jalan Sultan.
After researching, I realised that there are a couple of Hotel Clovers in Singapore.
So if you like what you’re going to see in this post, make sure you go to the correct Hotel Clover!

This is one of the newest hotel under the Hotel Clover group.
I love how it looks very resort-ish and how the theme of “being close to nature” is carried out
through the entire hotel nicely!
Totally dig how the hotel is in a whole row of shophouses and so near my workplace!


I don’t really understand that white bench in the photo above though,
is it supposed to be like that or is the “bench” part incomplete? :p

Here’s the cosy lobby area:


I heard that all the furnitures and trinkets around the hotel are all brought home
by the well-travelled owners of the hotel, and they are all available for sale!
If you see anything you like, all you need to do is just ASK! Cool ya?

As it’s a media invite, I got the opportunity to tour the boutique hotel and see all the rooms they have.

They have everything travellers need.
From something basic…


to this (one of my favourite rooms) – room made for 4 persons!
This is such a great idea because most of the rooms only have room for 2 persons,
and this room is perfect for a girls’ night out and HTHTs all through the night with the adjoining beds!
And perfect for families too!


I love the rustic and earth-tones in all of the rooms!

I also got the chance to check out the bigger suites in Hotel Clover.
A little walkway leading straight to the bedroom:


The room has everything one need in a staycation or a room during one’s travel.
Freaking love the bath tub and how the owners/designers have cleverly injected elements of “nature” in the rooms.


While I was walking to my Clover Premier Garden Room, I realised that a part of the hotel room corridor was actually “indoor-outdoor”. What do I mean by “indoor-outdoor”?
It’s indoor alright, but it is not air-conditioned and part of the ceiling is open air and
you can look out to the skies!


One of the owner’s photographs were also proudly showcased along the corridor.


My room is really special, because it has indoor-outdoor areas too!
I love how the room is laid out, it really really makes me feel like I’m at a resort in some island. Hahaha!
I wish the room was a little bigger though, but I guess one can’t have the best of everything la hor? :p


This is the entire room!
It’s split into three parts – the part furthest away is the living area you see two pictures ago,
the middle part is the bathroom (on the left) and the bed (on the right),
and I’m taking the picture in the outdoor “garden” area.


In between the living room and the bedroom, is this really cute outdoor area where A and I totally adore.
Can chill and cam whore! :p
Gotta love the natural sunlight. Heh!


All in all, I think the Hotel Clover is a great hotel for staycation if you like something unpretentious,
cosy, close to town but away from the crowds!
The location is great with lots of yummy food joints nearby, convenience stores and even a supermarket nearby.
Oh! Gotta love the 24-hr massage joints around the hotel too! Heh!


Thank you Hotel Clover for the lovely night at your boutique hotel.

– – –

Before I go, I want to share what I have recently found out.
I have always heard about, and for the longest time, I thought it was just like any other shopping sites.

As I was shopping on Lazada a couple of days back, I found out that the things there are REALLY CHEAP!

And instead of my impression of them selling tons of things that only boys would like;
like gadgets and other gizmos, they have a whole lot of pets stuff (which I’m always shopping for online) and tons of skin and beauty products from big brands like Clarins, Shiseido, Missha, Skin Food just to name a few.

And speaking of Skin Food (I am not paid by Skin Food ok), I want to share this freaking awesome pore pack I’m using
and absolutely cannot live without.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 9.26.19 pm

I have used many many nose pore packs before and NOTHING beats this one.
It is really very very cheap on Lazada and I am very happy to finally know where to get it when my supply runs low!
(I bought a whole lot of this one on my previous Seoul trip)

And! I bought a new G-shock from Lazada, only $123. *happy like bird*
Can’t wait for it to come!! :p

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 9.26.51 pm

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