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And the Best Selfie Camera is…

If there is a camera made just for taking selfies, it would have to be the Casio EXILIM EX-TR60.
With its Bluetooth Smart technology that allows photos to be sent automatically
from the camera to my phone everytime I take a photo,
it is so easy to retrieve the pictures so I can quickly post them up to the social media sites!


I’ve tried different cameras that allow me to send pictures using WiFi (using a mobile app)
and I know there are also some SD cards that allow the same to be done.
But I have to say that the experience with the Bluetooth Smart Technology is totally different
because it is actually the first to use Bluetooth technology to provide a faster and more stable connection.
Once it is configured properly, the photos can easily be viewed, selected or edited on the smartphone
just with a click of the shutter! Even when the camera is switched off!

One of my favourite features of the Casio EX-TR60 is the Makeup Mode Plus.
Once enabled, be amazed by how your skin is miraculously BEAUTIFUL on the screen
no matter how tired your complexion is!
It’s not very honest, I know, but I simply cannot resist it! Haha!

You can adjust your Skin Tone (the temperature) and choose to smoothen your skin from Levels 0 to 12.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.42.14 pm

The photo on the left is taken with the Makeup Mode off and the one on the right is taken with it on –
Skin Tone set to 0 (because there was natural sunlight and my skin tone looked fine) and
the Smoothen Skin function was set to Level 5.

As you can see, my complexion immediately looked more even and the little flaws have all disappeared!
What’s amazing is, this smart Makeup Mode has the ability to differentiate and decide where to smoothen,
so my eyelashes, my eyebrows and hair are not blurred out as a result.
Natural and convincing aye? :p

I’ve been trying to keep my hands off this Selfie Camera but I catch myself taking more selfies than ever.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.42.32 pm

These pictures are taken only with the Makeup Mode Plus, no filters or colour adjustments at all! *thumbs up*

And if you’re taking a picture in warm lighting and you want to have fairer-looking skin,
all you have to do is adjust the Makeup Mode Plus! 🙂


My Mom is totally digging this function as well! Look how clear our complexions look!


Another thing that I really like about the Casio EX-TR60 is the new Selfie Art Mode
featuring six different effects to create the mood I want with just a tap of my finger!

Here are the feature modes, my favourite would have to be the 1:1 aspect ratio mode
because I always use that to take pictures for Instagram. :p

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.42.58 pm

Once again, these pictures are all filter-less, only with the Casio Makeup Mode Plus! I’m so loving it!
In the picture on the right, I actually put the camera on timer and I really love how convenient it is
to have the camera on timer because of its 270-degree rotatable frame!

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.43.17 pm

And remember I mentioned the Selfie Pad? It is actually a sensor pad at the side of the rotatable frame.
It is so easy to toggle between the various functions all thanks to the design that’s so intuitive!


Here are some photos taken using the different featured modes!

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.43.47 pm

I could go on and on about how smart the design of this camera is and how the appearance of the camera
is absolutely gorgeous and the interface super kawaii, but this blog post has to end somewhere.
Heh! So please check this camera out and have a feel of it if you are actually searching for your next camera!

Casio EX-TR60 is available at Casio authorised retailers such as Best Denki and Harvey Norman
at a Suggested Retail Price of SGD$1,299.

Click here to learn more about the functions of this camera or check out Casio’s page for the wide range of cameras.

You can also check out Casio’s Facebook Page for constant updates and promotions.

And exclusively for SIXPEGS readers! *tadah*

Redeem a S$100 G-Factory voucher with every purchase of the EX-TR60 from 1st to 31st July!
Only applicable for purchases done at EXILIM authorised retailers.
Collection of vouchers must also be done latest by 7th of August 2015.

The redemption of the vouchers will be done at Mojito Redemption Centre (#04-10) at Funan DigitaLife Mall.
Readers will have to flash this post and present the proof of purchase of the camera and
your ICs upon collection of the vouchers.

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