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NX Side Of Life


As some of you guys might have known, I got my driver’s license a couple of months back and
am now a proud P-plate driver.
Although P-plate drivers do get pushed around on the roads quite a bit,
I’m gradually growing to love the whole freedom of being able to drive, zipping around Singapore,
and being able to get to where I want to go with much ease compared to before.

As much as I have been driving almost every other day since I passed my driving test,
I am definitely not used to a huge SUV. But at the same time,
I am SO craving for a bigger car to do all the things I always wanted to do if I had a roomier car.

The car was a little bigger than I expected, perhaps because I am used to driving a 2-seater car.
But with that extra space in the car, I suddenly felt liberated with all the things
I could bring around when I’m out on the roads!
(Read: Groceries don’t have to sit on A’s lap as I drive anymore!!!)

I have always had problem bringing the cats and dogs to the vet or for trips.
Because it’s often hard to bring too many animals onto a cab,
and you really do need a roomy vehicle for the animals to be comfortable.
And for a couple with 5 cats and 2 dogs, finding the perfect vehicle has become even trickier!

Our first errand with the Lexus NX was to bring the cats to the vet for their regular check-ups!


Should I have known that we were going to have a bigger car,
we would have arranged for all three cats to visit the vet on the same day.
(We scheduled for 2 cats to go on one day and another cat to go on another day previously
due to space constraint in the 2-seater car)

The two big animal crate/bag sat comfortably in the back seat!


The car came with a pretty kickass system for navigation, music and
many other functions that are essential for a good drive.

We immediately linked our phones up via Bluetooth and started blasting playing our songs! Shiok!


One more really cool feature that was instantly evident is in the two front seats!
Ever felt super warm on the leather seats in your car, especially on a hot day?

The NX provides you with the choice of having cold (or warm) air coming out from the seats!
All you need is just play around with this switch to adjust how strong you want it to be!


We also explored the car’s system with the savvy remote touch pad. Sweet.


And for all new drivers (and even very seasoned drivers, actually), this car comes with a blind spot monitor
which will alert the driver when there is an obstacle in your blind spot.

Check this out:


The ride to the vet was such a breeze with the NX.


Can you guess what the “h” means in NX300h? Brilliant!
It means hybrid, which you can easily tell from the display that indicates
whether the energy consumption is running on gasoline or electric.
What’s even amazing? The car charges itself, meaning there isn’t a need to plug in at all!


I also realized that when I’m cruising at a constant speed,
the car cleverly switches over to run on electricity, making it REALLY gas-efficient!
But when power is needed, it cleverly runs on both gasoline and electric motor,
giving you a conscious-free environmental performance and impressive fuel economy at the same time!

The dial on the left side of the dashboard also shows whether you are in an Eco, Charging or Power mode.


We took the opportunity to use the car to run errands for work,
errands that would be hard for us to run with the smaller car.
In the evenings, the car automatically switches on the headlights for you.
I had a fair share of newbie moments where I forgot to switch on the headlights and
need other helpful drivers to honk me and remind me. 😡


Feels really good to be able to transport so many things at once!
I even had the urge to immediately fly down to IKEA to buy all the furniture
I always wanted to get but had to restraint myself from doing it due to the space in the car. Hahaha!


The back seats of the vehicle can be easily adjusted to make the boot area even roomier,
with just the click of a button, or rather buttons – because there are buttons at the driver’s seat
and at the boot area.


And the space is really huge!


Can totally sleep in the car and star gaze!
I love the huge panoramic glassroof!


And that’s me sending my Mom home.

– – –


The next day – slaves for the cats again.

Brought Mr Tails back to the vet because he was feeling a little under the weather and has not been eating well.


A and I also took the car out for a spin and spent some quality time together.

Oh! And before I forget, I have to mention that this is a keyless car.
It totally rocks my world that I can lock, unlock and start the car without handling a physical key!
All I need to do is just make sure the key is always in my bag.
No more digging around for keys in my huge bag! *YAY*

The door handle even greets me with a faint glow as I approach. So courteous. :p


We went for a nice meal and out for shopping since we have plenty of space for the shopping bags now. Heh!


Love the lavishness of the Lexus NX and I can totally see myself driving one in future
when I’m ready to have my own car.


Discover more about mine and other bloggers’ #NXSideofLife here.

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Peggy is an independent blogger from Singapore who has a penchant for impromptu travel plans and good caffe lattes. She is the co-owner of two little cafes, The Tiramisu Hero and Butter My Buns, and hopes to be able to see the world someday; one stop at a time.

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