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Lip Embroidery

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And so I always thought (honest opinion) that lip embroidery is a super auntie thing to do.
Like who on earth would want to have red lipstick on constantly?
And on days when you just wanna do like a out-of-bed look, you still need to live with that red lips?

I don’t know what happened exactly, but eventually I decided to take the plunge and try lip embroidery for myself.
And that was also the time when I knew that lip embroidery is not all about red lips. Hahaha!

A was told that her lip colour is too light and on the other hand, mine was too dark.


This is my very ugly photo that accurately shows the colour of my lips.

The lip embroidery process starts with numbing of the lips.
Whether your lip embroidery will be painful LARGELY depends on whether the numbing sheet is applied properly.
Browart uses this “sheet mask”-like thing shaped like your lips.
It doesn’t take long before I start losing sensation on the surface of my lips.

OK, here comes the funny part.


A did her lips first.
So when I was on the bed, halfway through the numbing sheet application, I saw A pouting at me.
I got worried and kept asking A if everything was ok.
It was then A texted me and say how everything is feeling numb and she cannot really close her mouth anymore.

Next thing I know, I’m drooling too.

Ok, to me, this is the worst part of the whole lip embroidery process.

Word of advice, don’t bother trying to clean the drool off.
If you do that, you’ll end up like me – I cleaned off a lot of the numbing cream
as I wipe my drool and during the embroidery, I felt pain.
Luckily Jenny stopped and put more numbing cream for me when I complained about the pain.

So yes, don’t geh kiang like me go and wipe your lips please.

With the numbing part done well, I can safely say lip embroidery is ZERO pain.
No pain at all.

– – –

Right after the lip embroidery, all I felt was very “dry and tight feeling” lips;
like I’ve been sitting in an airplane and breathing through my mouth for hours.
All you need to do is to apply this freaking amazing cream Jenny uses.

The bottle does not look all posh and expensive but this thing is freaking amazing.
(Until now, I still use what’s remaining of this cream on days when my lips feel freaking dry and tight!)

OK, you might be asking how you’re going to look like right after lip embroidery?
You will look like you just ate 5 packets of the super spicy Korean instant noodles plus mala soup that numbed your lips, making them hang slightly:


Ugliest couple photo we’ve ever taken. Hahaha!

A and I wanted just natural looking pink-tone lips and Jenny actually used the same colour pigment for both of us.
But the resulting colour is SO different on the both of us!

We walked around with super thick and red lips and we tried to look as normal as possible.
Strangely, we didn’t invite a lot of weird stares from strangers.
But every time A and I look at each other, we will burst out laughing.

HAHAHAHA! *act sexy*


Anyhoos, here is a close up of the lips.
I texted Jenny because I noticed a little bit of bruising on my lips.


Jenny said it is quite normal and that it will go away soon.
True enough, the bruising disappeared within the next 5-6 hours. 🙂

On very next day, the colour is still very red and bright.
But the swelling has subsided by about 70% and my lips look pretty plumped up
and it just looks like I had red lipstick on.


Pardon my 乱七八糟 skin.

At the end of the second day, my lips start peeling.
The surface of the lips started feeling very “grainy” and the best thing to do is JUST PUT ON LOTS OF LIP BALM.

This is what it looks like after 3 days:


As days go by, the colour of my lips starting becoming more and more natural.
According to Jenny, it would take about 1-2 months for the lips to attain its final colour.


As of now, it has been 4 months after the lip embroidery has been done and I love how the colour is like. :3
It is super natural-looking but it’s not as dark/purplish as before.

Here are some recent photos:


For those who are interested, feel free to contact Jenny directly at 97161920 (yes super personal! hehe) or check out more of her works on IG (@jennyxuhj).
Opening hours 11am to 8pm everyday.
You can read more about my eyebrow and eyeliner embroidery here.

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