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Phillip Wain Treats

I am proud to say that I have been officially smoke-free for 56 days today.

*cues applause*

And I am on a quest to feel healthy, look healthy and be a healthy 30-something.

As I have mentioned before, A and I will be getting married to each other
in San Francisco in November this year.
We’ve both been saying how we will love each other no matter how fat we become.
But bulls to that, deep down, we both want to look damn hot lah! Hahaha!
A just bought a treadmill. And as for me, I chose the easier and fancier way out. :3

As I was looking for a club to join for a gym, Phillip Wain asked if
I was interested to visit their club and give my readers an insight about what they do.
So, why not?

I’ve been to Phillip Wain about 6 years back.
At that time, I really enjoyed every single session I had with them but I didn’t stay
because it was honestly a little too expensive for me because I was still a student.
But now as an working adult, I am able to put a little more aside for these little luxuries in life.

Stick around for a little tour and review of the brand new Phillip Wain at Mandarin Gallery!



I have been members of two different clubs, and have been a few different clubs
before but they were all quite different from Phillip Wain.
I visited Phillip Wain on two different occasions (once at 2pm and once at 5pm) and
I noticed that even during peak hours on weekdays,
the club is not crowded at all because it is SO spacious!

Other than group classes, private classes, a gym, a freaking health food/juice bar,
retail corner, manicure/pedicure room, Phillip Wain also offers various facials and treatments.
Oh! And did I mention Phillip Wain is an all-ladies club?

(On my first visit, I heard an announcement that went “Attention ladies,
there is a gentleman in the club.” Hahaha! So cute!)


Cut fruits are available at as cheap as $2!
There are juices, salads, nice and healthy home-cooked style food available as well!


There is absolutely no need to bring any shower gels, shampoo and what not when you’re here.
There is also high quality skin care available for members.


And this – a private room to get your nails done!


The club has ample shower rooms and toilets, they are all big and nice and super clean
any time of the day!


And my favourite – steam room and sauna room!


I had the chance to experience private Pilates lessons, a facial treatment and
a slimming treatment from Phillip Wain.

As I was walking towards the private Pilates room,
I was blown away by how spacious the entire club is! I really appreciate the personal space
and the fact that I will not have to queue for any of their amenities even during peak hours!


I’ve never had private classes before. It was also my first time doing Pilates.
To prepare myself, I went to check out Youtube videos of Pilates before heading over to Phillip Wain. But when I entered the room where the class was held, I got a little nervous.


Look at all the equipments! Doesn’t it look like a torture chamber? *gasp*


Fortunately, the instructor was REALLY knowledgeable and friendly!
(Aiya! Forgot to take photo with her!)

She guided me through all the exercises I usually “smoke” through in the group classes
and corrected me as soon as I make one small movement.
Although the instructor looked really young, she was able to see that
I had some mild back problems (I’ll get to that in future).
I was pretty impressed, and am sure I’ll get spoilt rotten with these individual classes
and not wanna do group classes anymore. Hahaha!


The treatment room was cosy and comfortable. The beds are really comfortable and they are all heated! (I love heated beds because they put me to sleep within minutes!)



This is one of the newer slimming treatments at Phillip Wain.
It uses Radio Frequency to increase collagen and elastin synthesis
through controlled thermal damage mechanism.
The therapist would move the heated device on the problem area in circular motion,
breaking down subcutaneous fats, also stabilizes collagen strands, resulting in cellulite reduction. Apart from that, there is also Pulse Magnetic Electric Field used in the state-of-the-art machine to achieve the final result!

The therapist later gave me a seaweed body wrap which sets out to stimulates circulation
and increases metabolism.
The wrap is done immediately after the heated treatment so it’s all still warm.



There is no better name for this facial because it really is very indulgent!

The facial started with cleansing to remove any traces of makeup, impurities and
dead skin cells so that all the goodness will be better absorbed into the skin.
The therapist then went ahead and did the usual blackhead-squeezing thing,
she was very thoughtful and even helped me trim my eyebrows! :p


Next up was the use of this pretty cool machine they have.
In a nutshell, it uses different light types to stimulate the skin for different purposes.
For instance, there is Mid Frequency Internal Pulse which felt a little like small electric currents being passed through me.

There was also LED (Light emitting Diode) which has a specific wavelength effective in resolving dull skin, dark spots and acne problems.

Radio Frequency waves that can generate muscular motion to stimulate collagen production, etc.

My favourite part of the facial, however, was the FANTASTIC lymphatic drainage massage
that was done for my by the skilled therapist.
It was a slow and gentle massage done on my face and décolleté area to drain unwanted fluid and to encourage a healthy immune system.
The therapist mentioned that this massage is very good for ladies
who have to battle with puffiness in the face and water retention.
The lymphatic system in our body is the first line of defense and a detoxifying massage is sometimes exactly what we need to feel refreshed and perked up again!

The therapist also did a quick detoxifying massage on my tummy,
telling me it’s a good massage for ladies (read: monthly affair).
Not bad. *thumbs up*

I haven’t had a good facial for a long time and this one is ONE OF THE BEST I’ve had in a while!
I felt mad relaxed after the facial, felt my skin was quite radiant even without makeup.

Super recommend this one if you’re looking at prepping your skin for a big event,
or simply want to pamper yourself!


As it was already dinner time (the club closes at 10pm) after my facial,
I stayed for dinner in the club! Check out my dinner:


Mad delicious and it tastes just like HOME! So very yummy!

OK, now for the thing everyone is wondering about – the prices!

Phillip Wain has been in Singapore for more than 20 years and they are definitely a premium club.
(I can tell, by the amount of OLs and taitais I see at the club over the period of two days).
But according to what I gathered, these prices here are one of the lowest they have ever offered!

D’ Ultimate Indulgence – $128 (90mins; usual ala carte price $680)
Triple Action Magnetic RF Therapy – $128 (60 mins; usual ala carte price $800)

With purchase of the two above, you will also be entitled to a 1-week trial pass worth $88.
With that, you’ll have free access to all the classes, use of gym, steam room and sauna and other facilities they have which are free for members.
You can also choose to share this between two persons. 🙂

They are also offering 1-month membership with 1 hour in-house Personal Training session at $128.

If you are a massage junkie, there is also a body massage, called Holistic Meridian Flow Therapy, which helps to regulate your “qi” within your body to invigorate your senses!


If you have more questions, feel free to call Phillip Wain at 6250 0100.
Do quote SIXPEGS when you call for enquiries and appointments to utilize these exclusive offers that I’ve mentioned above because they are only available for the readers here!

There are also other promotions Phillip Wain is running and you can check them out in this link.

*Do note that offers are only valid for first time customers and first time trials!

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