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The Ice Hotel


“Let’s you and me go away to the Ice Hotel”
This was the song A and I were singing the day we decided that we are going to check ourselves into the Ice Hotel someday!

It really doesn’t feel like it was too long when we were all huddled up on the ice bed,
sleeping in subzero temperature, and looking forward to the hot lingonberry juice in the morning.

It was such an experience. And knowing that the Ice Hotel will never be the same.
And the rooms I see will never be rebuilt again makes the Ice Hotel more special than ever.


A big part of the hotel is made of ice – the rooms, the bar, the dance hall, the church.
Apart from that, there were also some log houses and the main admin building which is a wooden building as well.
That’s where luggages were stored and where the washrooms were.
There were also guests at the Ice Hotel who choose to stay in log houses instead of the ice rooms.
(And no, there are no ice toilets. Sadly. Heh!)


That’s how the corridor to the rooms is like:


The main hotel lobby is absolutely beautiful!
Ice chandeliers! I stared at it for a long, long time!


If you’re thinking about how one can actually sleep in -5 degrees C, fret not.
Before I went, I was actually very, very worried about this same point too.

There is a short recommendation course done by the Ice Hotel staff for all guests before night falls.
Basically, the guests will be sleeping in high quality sleeping bags with good blankets inside the bags.
Before bed time, all the guests will go pick up their “sleeping pack” from the reception.
Single and double sleeping bags are available.
So yes, you can still hold Bae’s hands while you sleep.


It was actually not hard to fall asleep soundly in there.
The bed is soft and nice, there are pillows as well.
The only thing is, you have to pray that you don’t wake up in the middle of the night with a full bladder.
Because if you choose to sleep in a double sleeping bag, your partner will probably wake up from the cold if you fidget around and leave the bag or leave an opening in the bag.
The toilets are also not in the rooms wing, so you’ll need to leave the area (into the open) for a very very short walk to the toilets area.

It will be cold!

That said, it was really quite an experience and I’ll do it again anytime! 🙂


We also had some cocktails.


There were a few restaurants near the Ice Hotel but they serve a lot of reindeers, bear, moose and other meat that are exotic to me. 😦
I feel really really bad eating reindeers. I know it’s just like venison but…
Reindeers are cute and they are Santa’s helpers.


The walkway to the restaurants was breathtakingly enchanting though.


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