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Let’s Liese!

Let’s talk about DIY Hair Dyes. I know we have all been tried it before. For me, it started when I was in secondary school, there were these weird 3%, 6%, 9% thingy I used to get from the pharmacies to lighten the colour of my hair (Sorry, Discipline Master.) But shopping for a box of DIY hair dye from drug stores now become such a difficult task because there are SO many different brands, so many different types of colours and application methods.

So when it comes to DIY hair dyes, are you #TeamFoam or #TeamCream?

If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw the little disagreement I had with my Mom when it comes down to this. Mom insisted that cream type hair dyes are better, and I am loyal to my #TeamFoam.

Mom thinks cream type hair dye will work better because the colour can be applied more evenly and it is better in quality. That is why the salons are still using cream dyes.

Well, good point. But throughout my years of trying out foam-based hair dyes, I was never once disappointed. Because foam dyes are so easy to apply (I can even do it without a mirror, it just like I’m washing my hair with the shampoo!), and the colour always seem very even for the many times I’ve tried.


Well, the thing is, cream-based AND foam-based hair dyes both have their benefits; the former for the non-drip kind of texture so that the hair dye will not become more and more “watery” as you’re sitting there, waiting for the colouring process to be done. Cream dyes also promises better grey hair coverage because the dyes “adhere” to hair better, and the results would be rich and long-lasting even colour.

Foam type dyes, on the other hand, has its benefits as well! Easy application is one because it’s just like shampooing! Foam type dyes also means it will be easier to cover hard-to-reach areas, and with foam, it is non-drip so you don’t have to ruin an old t-shirt every time you colour your own hair at home!

That does not sound fun. Haha!

This Mother’s Day, I am giving Mom a break from her grey hair, and also get rid of my sprouting greys. Growing old is not attractive at all, especially so with those budding grey hairs. 😦


Liese has a new line of creamy foam colours that works well on grey hair, and I’m excited to let Mom try it out for herself. Yes, you heard it right – it’s a creamy-foam type hair dye and it is the first time I’ve actually encountered something like that! I’m afterall quite a maestro in DIY hair colouring you know? Heh!



The new Liese Blaune Creamy Foam covers grey hair while giving you a brand new hair colour!

One important thing to note when using the Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color is to make sure to only gently turn the bottle while mixing the dye in. Shaking too hard will cause bubbles to form in the mixture and it may not dispense as foam.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.37.45 pm

The hair dye started with a foamy texture and that made application easy breezy! I remember how used to have like a little bowl of hair dye and a comb/brush thing when when I coloured my Mom’s hair in the past.

As you can see, the dye is pretty much very airy and “bubbly” which makes it easy to be worked into a lather.


It really is so easy to put the foam type hair dye on compared to the cream type. Attaining an even application is no longer impossible! And since it’s foam, it also means that it’s non drip! See how Mom doesn’t even need to put a towel or an old t-shirt around her shoulders!

Grey hair, be gone!!


The foam thickens as your lather and the colour of the hair dye also changes gradually. I’d usually request whoever I’m working on tilt their heads to the side when I’m putting on the dye because I was afraid of the hair dye dripping. And this is especially so for foam type hair dyes as they have a higher tendency of becoming more “watery” over time.


To my surprise, this one didn’t drip a single bit as the foamy hair dye gradually became more viscous over time and you know what? It sticks to hair 4x better than usual foam colourants after lathering so this means more even coverage! Mom actually also commented that her hair is rather oily and her hair type usually causes such foam-based dyes to fade away and sort of “disappear” after a while (if you know what I mean).

This is the FIRST time I have tried a hair dye that turns from foam to cream, and I think it’s absolutely brilliant to create such a unique feature for the Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color so we can reap the benefits of the two types of hair dye.

“No more head tilting, Ma.”


I picked Pinkish Brown as my colour, which is actually the lightest and reddest shade among the 8 colours Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color currently offers. I like how the shades they offer are all very accessible, natural-looking shades. And although they only have 8 colours, I was actually spoilt for choice because the colours are all very attractive!

Quality, not quantity baby! :p


The dye goes on really easily, and with hair so short, I think I was done within 5 mins.

The foam texture of the hair dye as it comes out of the bottle makes it very easy to get to hard-to-reach areas, and as the product turn from foam to cream, it puts me at ease to know that I am going to finish with evenly colored hair. Haha! I am also loving the grey coverage of this hair dye as I’m spying a little bit of grey hair. It must be the stressful lifestyle. 😦


Just squeeze it on your hand, and massage the foam into a creamy lather!


I was supposed to work the foam into a lather in my hands before applying to my hair, but I find lathering it on my head works just as well! From foamy to CREAMY!


Another thing I really like about this product is that it’s packed with good stuff – Silk Essence to protect my hair while coloring and Royal Jelly Extract to moisturize my hair. In fact, this is the first time I didn’t get super mad dry hair after coloring my hair from a DIY dye from a box!


Look Ma, the foam turned to Cream!

The After-Colour Rinse Off Treatment was also super amazing! So much so that I wish they sold it in bottles man!


So whether you are TeamCream or TeamFoam, I think it is time to put down your weapons and join me at TeamCreamyFoam. Hahaha! Whether you’re looking for ease of application, or the good results that we usually get from cream-based hair dyes, I think this product has it all.



Spot Liese box, Foam and Cream hair girls on 30 April, and 7, 8 May as they ply the streets of Orchard Road in front of Ngee Ann City Fountain and stand to win yourself some awesome Kao products, including the new Liese Creamy Foam Colour! Follow them on Instagram at @LieseSG for all the details!

The Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color is available for purchase at all pharmacies, super and hypermarkets!

And here’s Mom and I looking fresh and happy at the dinner! 😀





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