Month: June 2016


In the season of alonedom, lonely hearts gather;
fearfully, innately, with each other as they falter.
Some seek a shoulder, some, a pair of open arms,
but me, a pursuit, to rekindle my charms.
We search for answers from stories others tell,
but alas, wilting hearts,
equal love’s like universe in parallel.

Dr. Bags

I believe we all have obsessions. And my greatest obsession and guilty pleasure would be BAGS! The idea of getting a new luxury bag always thrills me. And as we all know, these little arm candies often come with a hefty price tag. So I am one of those ridiculous girls who would shield my bag (instead of my head) when I am caught in the rain. Hahaha! I recently got acquainted with Esther from Dr Esther happened to be an old friend from my university days, and it was really nice catching up on the old days, and also a pleasure to listen to Esther and her partner Lin speak so passionately about what they offer at Dr Bags. I immediately displayed the CĂ©line Trapeze Bag which I have recently swopped on Carousell to them, complaining about how there are small flaws on the bag which I have missed out on during the swop. Imagine my excitement when Esther and Lin said that those are just small problems which can be easily fixed! …

Ageless Beauty

From the moment we were born, a new lotus flower also appears in heaven. Each flower represents a person on earth. In our short lifetime in this world, we need to do good. And every single time we do a good deed, a drop of water gets dropped into your own lotus flower. And if, by the time you pass, your lotus flower is big enough for you to sit in it, you can go to heaven.