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2019 Skin Goals

2019 has just begun and I have high hopes for this year. Just like many of you, I have lots of goals on my list since it’s January. I’ve learnt that it is more encouraging and optimistic to set short term goals to keep track of my progress and keep myself perked up. It serves as a constant reminder of my ultimate goal too.

Small steps – like getting sufficient sleep, having positive thoughts, maintaining an active lifestyle, learning how to manage stress and anxiety. These all would help me achieve my goal of being a better version of myself. I read somewhere that the quality of one’s life is directly related to the quality of one’s thoughts, words, sleep, fitness, purpose, environment, relationships and diet.

We are what we eat – and that is why I have been paying more attention on my food choices and diet of late, be it for health or beauty. I’ve been reading about skincare and collagen recently and did a little research about collagen supplements.

Firmness, plumpness and radiance of our skin are retained when we can maintain a good amount of collagen in our skin. We all know that the skin produces less collagen with age, but there are also other factors that contribute to collagen damage. I’m here to share what I’ve learnt!
I used to think that collagen is only essential for firmer skin, but collagen actually does a lot more work than these. Collagen is a kind of protein and thus comprises of amino acids. Apart from ensuring elasticity and regeneration of the skin, here are its other uses!

Joint Health – Helps loosen stiff joints
Sleep Quality – Promotes better cognitive function and a healthier sleep cycle
Digestive Aid / Weight Loss – Aids in healing digestive tract and to repair mucous lining, and improves digestion / regulate metabolism

And also, it helps to reduce and prevent cellulite appearance, promotes hair growth, and perform many many more miracles! :p

From our mid to late twenties, the natural production of collagen slows down, and because collagen is also constantly prone to damage from free radicals, UV rays exposure, etc, it is essential to replenish the collagen levels in our bodies.

Some foods rich in collagen:
Wild Salmon, Leafy Greens, Citrus, Eggs, Soy, Tomatoes, Bone Broth, Avocadoes, Garlic, Oysters
Another great and fuss-free way of consuming collagen would be via supplement. Collagen Re Force from ORBIS contains an abundant 10,000mg of collagen peptides which can be easily absorbed by the body for replenishment.

There are lots of collagen supplements in the market. But this next unique feature about Collagen Re Force that I’m going to mention sets it apart from the rest. Replenishment alone is not enough. So ORBIS has cleverly added Lemon Balm extract into the drink; this ingredient helps the body with the process of breaking down damaged collagen to be reused to regenerate new, healthy collagen!

There is also Long Pepper extract to promote smooth delivery of collagen to required areas of the body, and Vitamin C extract which is essential for collagen synthesis. In a nutshell, this drink is everything you need to make sure you get a sufficient collagen intake, and that your body has the “tools” to process and produce more of it.

Next thing, how does it taste?

I’m not big on the taste of some collagen drinks because they can get a little “fishy” (if you know what I mean) at times. And some of them can taste a little too artificial too. This one however, is honestly quite yummy and I actually sometimes wish the bottle is a little bigger so that I can enjoy its taste for longer (especially when I drink it while feeling thirsty lol).
It is delicious when served chilled and has a fruity pear flavor. I’ve formed a little habit of having it as a nightcap now. Just shake lightly and take a swig of your daily collagen intake, and then sleep and let your body drink it all up! :p

This year, I’m all about forming good habits and to be a better version of myself. Hopefully I can also get a better version of my complexion and health too! With bettering myself being one of my goals this year, hopefully it will apply to my complexion and health too! I think it is important to form good habits and I can certainly get used to improving my diet with supplements. And Collagen Re Force makes it even easier for me since it’s delicious. I do look forward to my collagen drink every night. Heh. Have you got any goals related to your health or well-being this year too?

Collagen Re Force comes in boxes of 10 (50ml/bottle) and is priced at S$56 per box. Click here for more deets!

From now until 24 January 2019, all ORBIS members (membership is free with any purchase) can also purchase Collagen Re Force at S$49/box and S$142/3 boxes.

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