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Sensodyne True White

My pearly whites are very precious to me, because I believe having clean and neat teeth will help make someone look clean, fresh and polished. That is why my toothpastes are always whitening ones, and I also visit a dentist to have my teeth whitened whenever I feel there is a need to. But because I also have sensitive teeth, I sometimes have to alternate between using sensitivity toothpaste and one for whitening. What I really like about Sensodyne True White toothpaste is how it is both a toothpaste that whitens my teeth and helps it cope with sensitivity. For those lucky few with no sensitivity issues, you can really cannot imagine how annoying (and painful) it is to be struck by a sudden wave of “shock” when devouring your favourite gelato or when you’re drinking iced water from a cup without using a straw. *wails* And because I have bruxism, I uncontrollably grind my teeth at night and it has indirectly caused my teeth to become increasingly sensitive over time; prolly because I am …

My Clinique Experience

Healthy skin is the one thing that everyone dreams of having. To me, no amount of cosmetics is going to give me the confidence I get from having a clear and healthy complexion. Let’s talk about the basis of skin care. Before all of those whitening, hydrating, anti-aging concerns, we must first make sure that we have a good cleansing regime. There are countless skin care products developed by different brands in different parts of the world. But when I hear that a skin care brand is developed by a team of leading dermatologists, I know I’m in good hands. My first encounter with Clinique was when I first met A, she has been using Clinique since she was 15. (Yes, 15!) I always thought that she has been blessed with good skin, but apparently, her skin type is sensitive and there are not a lot of skin care brands that work for her.

Atorrege AD+

Y’all. I think I have found the winning formula to combat pimples and blemishes. Atorrege AD+ is the brainchild of Ands Corporation who first launched the first generation of Atorrege in 1995. In 2007, they introduced the second generation known as Atorrege AD+ to treat urban skin diseases due to changes in environment and unhealthy living habits. I know it is a little too much to absorb so here is a more layman way of introducing their products. :p To be honest, I was a little skeptical when I first received these products. I believe it is the same for everyone else when it comes to trying new products. With an open mind, I tried all of the products and only used them for a week. I must say I was impressed. If you are troubled by acne or pimples (even if they are occasional ones), then I think you should try their products out. Let’s start with the Atorrege Cool Lotion, my favourite product of the lot. I am a huge facial mist fan …

Pretty Faces. Pretty Sounds.

I’ve been bothered by my huge face my entire adult life, always envious of the tiny faces on other girls. Slightly more than 2 months ago, I tried Botox again with Dr SM Yuen at Atlas Medical Laser & Aesthetics Clinic – the same doctor I went to many years back. As much as Botox is very common right now, and there are so many Before/After pictures online, I would like to share my little Botox Progress Journal over the last 2 months odd and share some of the commonly asked questions about Botox.

Tokyo Bust Express

Without a doubt, having pretty looking bosoms would increase the sex appeal. It helps us fill our clothes better, and as we look better, we would inevitably feel more confident too. They don’t have to be big but a ‘healthy-looking’ pair of bosoms is definitely an asset!

Biore Aqua Rich BB Cream

I am a fuss-free girl and have never been a fan of the whole routine of the moisturizer-sunblock-makeup base-liquid foundation-loose powder as it is too cumbersome, time consuming and makes me feel like my skin cannot breathe under so many layer of products! Since the birth of BB Creams, my life has been made a lot easier as it helps me cut down the step of liquid/powder foundation. However, as most BB Creams usually only have SPF 30, I still put on a layer of sunscreen before BB Cream to ensure that my skin is fully protected from the sun! When it comes to UV protection, I am kiasu in this way! :p With my busy schedule now, I have even less time in the mornings to doll up and I would rather have more time to sleep in! Thus, I am always on the lookout for fuss-free products that help me save time and effort yet still makes me look good!


I have never been to any slimming massages before and this first time to BottomSlim is really quite an eye opener! Ever since the start of The Tiramisu Hero, I have been piling on lots and lots of weight – and they all go straight to my tummy, love handles and thighs. *sobs* With my busy lifestyle, it’s almost impossible for me to stick to a regular gym schedule and it’s just too difficult to stay away from food because my work IS food. Even when I try to control my diet, certain parts of the body like tummy, outer thighs and love handles are just impossible to lose! THAT IS WHY I was thrilled when BottomSlim invited me to try out their services! Compared to other slimming consultants, they specialize in lower body slimming (and pioneer too!) so I know it has to be good! Heh. I visited their outlet in Ngee Ann City and the ambience was really good! It’s located at Level 5 and I like how it’s quiet and private there!