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Clinique Smart Serum

There are damages you see, and there are damages you don’t.

Based on this, Clinique has just presented their latest product, the Smart Custom-Repair Serum
(which I’m SO excited about!)


I don’t know about you but I have so many bottles of serums at home; for whitening, for anti-aging,
for tightening, for firming, for uneven skin tone.
The list goes on, especially with the groundbreaking technology the skincare industry have now.
So why am I so thrilled about yet another bottle of serum?
The reason is simple, because THIS serum is truly amazing!

The Clinique Smart Serum addresses not one, not two, but FIVE key skin concerns
namely fine lines and wrinkles, firming and contouring, uneven skin tone, dullness and radiance.
The Clinique team has patented this new technology (with 5 years of research) that has created
an ingredient so smart (that they just had to call this serum the Smart Serum. Hehe!),
it provides custom repair for the damages in the skin even when you don’t see it with your naked eye.

Damaged skin send out “signals” and the Smart Serum is crafted to “read and respond” to
such signals and provide targeted repair when needed, where needed.

Let’s go to the basics. The serum feels really good on the skin.
And like all other Clinique products, it is fragrance-free and absolutely safe
to be used on even sensitive skin, of any age.


It feels almost like a skin primer and has a good mattifying effect.
I personally do not like creams or serums that leave my face greasy and overly-shiny.
It glides on easily, and two pumps is good enough for my face and neck region.


5 dots on cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Spread out the serum and
just slowly massage into your skin to ensure your skin gets the best out from the products.


And isn’t it wonderful how a single bottle of serum can have so much goodness in it?
My luggage to my recent trip was is so much lighter now that
I just need to bring 1 bottle of serum wherever I go. :p

Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum is good enough for day and night use,
and you can easily combine it with the other skincare products that you are already using currently.
For me, I used only the Smart Serum for 2 weeks and
I’m pretty pleased with the results, can’t wait to see how my skin would change if I use it longer!

If you are interested in trying this new product out, it is available
in 30ml and 50 ml at 106SGD and 150SGD respectively, available at Sephora
and all department stores islandwide at all Clinique counters.
Do head down to the counters and try it on the back of your hand too (if you’re still considering),
and you’ll know why I say it glides on so easily and looks so matt and close to nothing on the skin.

I am a Clinique convert. Sold.


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