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No offence to my friends who are insurance agents. But I used to think that they are all trying to sell us policies to get that commission. After knowing A, I realized that we all need insurance policies – not every different kind of insurance policies but at least the few basic ones. This might sound like an ad (this is not an ad ok?) but I just want to share this new product that a personal friend of mine crafted for Liberty Insurance, and I really think it is pretty awesome for dog owners in Singapore. And kudos to Carey the big dog lover and Liberty Insurance for coming up with such a wonderful plan for all of us. I am an animal lover and I know very well how expensive it is to take care of and provide for our pets in Singapore. From the food and supplies, to occasional toys and treats, to accessories (both essentials and those for our entertainment purpose), to healthcare and medical expenses. The bills can get very …

The Day It All Changes

It was an emotional roller coaster ride for Maliboo and I last weekend this couple of weeks. Boo was scheduled to have her sterilisation operation on 28th April, Monday. And because of the upcoming operation, we decided to bring the dogs out for some fun over the weekend. A and I brought Maliboo, and her huskies Ulva and Theone to East Coast Park for a walk on Saturday. We hardly have the time to bring all three of them out together and they were all really happy! Thank you dear Theone for carrying all the doggie essentials on our walk.

Theone & Ulva

It was a happy Thursday for Ulva and Theone because they get to go to the beach! A’s brothers, Max and Shawn came along as well and the 4 of us brought the two girls to Sentosa for some fun in the sun. It has been a while since I went to the beach and it was really nice, especially with the company of the furkids! “WE ARE HERE!!!” We headed over Tanjong Beach Club! Always preferred this area to the more crowded Siloso area. The people at this place were really friendly too! And as usual, the girls are chick magnets again, attracting lots of girls to come by. HAHAHA! See! Say HI to Shawn, A’s youngest brother. I’m wearing my new bikini top! Will be giving away a set of this bikini in an upcoming Giveaway post! Stay tune! :p The girls! We were trying to get the girls into the water because they have never had a proper swim before. And I really like to see doggies swim because they look so …