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The Plot

I received these lovely friendship bands that I absolutely love! From SAB FARO, these bands represents an inspiration of life itself I am grateful to adorn the Sab Pistol which embodies dreams and ambitions! I also got a few more in various colours and shared them with my close friends. 😀 And we decided to wear them as anklets!

Aza Aza Fighting!

It has been an overwhelming week for me, busy as a bee. I tell myself everyday that this will all be worth it and one day, I will be able to see the returns. The Tiramisu Hero is almost 3 months old now. Despite being propelled straight into “auntie-hood” – stuck in the kitchen all day and only shopping in baking supplies stores, it gives me a great sense of achievement watching the business grow bit by bit everyday. We’ve been having return customers and good feedback too! They always make our day. If you are one of those people who has supported The Tiramisu Hero in one way or another, I want to say a big THANK YOU to you from the bottom of my heart. 🙂 I used to be a worry wart who would only think about the bad side of everything. “What if it fails?” “What if we keep losing money? How long should we hold on for?” “Where will it takes us?” “Will we be able to earn enough to …