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Aza Aza Fighting!


It has been an overwhelming week for me, busy as a bee.
I tell myself everyday that this will all be worth it and one day, I will be able to see the returns.

The Tiramisu Hero is almost 3 months old now.
Despite being propelled straight into “auntie-hood” – stuck in the kitchen all day and only shopping in baking supplies stores,
it gives me a great sense of achievement watching the business grow bit by bit everyday.
We’ve been having return customers and good feedback too! They always make our day.

If you are one of those people who has supported The Tiramisu Hero in one way or another,
I want to say a big THANK YOU to you from the bottom of my heart. 🙂

I used to be a worry wart who would only think about the bad side of everything.

“What if it fails?”
“What if we keep losing money? How long should we hold on for?”
“Where will it takes us?”
“Will we be able to earn enough to move on to the next step?”

I kept thinking to myself that if this were to fail, I’ll just have to go back to a 9-to-5 job
and go head-to-head with the fresh grads again since I only have one year of working experience.
To be honest, it still worries me now everytime I have such thoughts.

A has been the rock in my life.
We set up a little office area in her bedroom and the two of us are just pretty much stuck here on a daily basis
when we are not at the kitchen – trying to take care of other stuff like inventory, accounts, logistics & other small stuff.
The frequent late nights sometimes drive us a little cranky and more irritable.
We bicker a lot more often than before, but I appreciate the support and love she gives me.
We live and breathe tiramisu now and I hope tiramisu will also be the one that will see us through and bring us closer
to our dream of having our own little shop and eventually being able to afford a home together.

This last one month has been really exciting for A and me!
Thinking back, it was really crazy of us to come up with the idea of starting a business within one night!
From registering of the website, to sourcing for suppliers to starting our business officially, it took us barely two (sleepless) weeks.
We are still a really teeny weeny company but at least we are now registered and
have our own little legal central kitchen.
We dream all day about having our own store and hopefully we’ll be able to carry more than just tiramisu too! 🙂

We were really lucky so far.
We were invited by a popular local magazine to be featured in one of their delivery food spread feature!
A and I couldn’t stop smiling to ourselves when we read that particular email together.
(still smiling when I think of it now)
Hope everything will go smoothly, and I can’t wait to have our first The Tiramisu Hero magazine feature!! * big grin*

We have also been working closely with this fashion/homewares boutique at Haji Lane too.
Apart from ordering online and doing self collection for our tiramisu,
our customers will soon be able to shop for some of the more popular tiramisu products from Haji Lane!
It is not our own store but we will be having a small little corner in the shop!
The official opening will be on 3rd November so A and I are like mad busy now!
Will definitely keep you guys updated. 🙂


Apart from that, our cupcakes (and myself) were also featured in an upcoming PUMA shoot
in conjunction with their Puma Social Campaign.
Here are some pictures!



I also had the chance to meet Dawn Yeoh.





And Romeo Tan.









I gave some MommaHero to Dawn, Romeo and some friends from PUMA too.
Totally feel like a proud Mother when they said the packaging was cute. Hahaha!


Big thank you to Deanna and the rest of the team for the fun-filled shoot!



*ding* Proud Mother smile!


GO SIR ANTONIO!! Aza aza fighting! ♥


Took my family and A to the Singapore Flyer and checked out this 6D show they have.
The kids had a lot of fun!
It was pretty awesome and I also brought my new parka/blazer from Runway Bandits out to meet the sun.


Totally dig the shoes from Soeurs too! I’ve been wearing them almost everyday. Heh!
You can find Soeurs at Level 2 in Cineleisure.


It was Donn’s birthday too.
A’s Dad was not in town so they took a family photo with his Dad on Skype. So cute right?
Makes me miss my parents. 😥


I also met up with Wei Yen and got my goodies from her store, The Pony Party!
She’s a really nice girl and all the stuff she passed me are so adorable!!




Bought new shades too! Hehe.
Since I’m so busy stuck at work all the time. Online shopping is really the only way out to do my retail therapy.
Got these from Smart Buy Glass! 😀
Got a hard time picking out a suitable pair because they have SO MUCH!
Nice nice?




Thank God for online shopping to keep me sane. Haha!


A and I also checked out a new cafe at McCallum Street.
We spoke to the owner of the cafe and realized that the cafe is only 6 months old!
SPRMRKT is a really unique place that puts food, retail and art into one space.
The decor is simple but comfortable aesthetically.
They have a corner that houses all the kitchen wares for sale too! Very interesting.











The people there were REALLY friendly. Like superbly friendly and helpful.
Two thumbs up for them.
And what’s even better is that the food is really really good!

I had an oxtail penne and A picked their pork ribs.
The price range is about slightly under $20 for a main, but it’s really well worth it.





My auntie pursed smile. Haha!


Here is their address and some other information you may need if you want to check them out too 🙂

Screen shot 2012-10-27 at AM 05.04.17

It is now 4.33am and I am feeling guilty about not blogging for such a long time.
This is pretty much the only time I can sit down and “talk to myself” and reflect on how everything is so far.
Hope I didn’t bore you. 🙂

And I shall shamelessly end the post with my camwhore photo! Haha.

Enjoy the weekend, people! ♥



  1. Hey pegs you look gorgeous in your last picture!! And you look like you’ve slimmed down a lot 🙂


  2. Hey pegs! Is spr.mrkt food really tasty? keke saw you and A inside both times I walked past there (that night and tdy aftn), thought my eyes were playing tricks on me! Coz thought that both of u wouldn’t go back there for a meal so soon, and its kinda fate right? Haa.. haven’t tasted their food yet even though I walk past there everyday after work, sure gonna try it someday!


  3. Hi Peg, You look great…love your words and images… Jia You! I am gonna check out the tiramisu at haji lane right away!!!!


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