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For a start, I would like to publicly proclaim my love for these black and white houses. They are SO pretty! Dinner last night was at Ki-Sho, a fine Japanese restaurant along Scotts Road. But before I tempt you to death with the pictures of the food they serve, I would like to thank ROOM Apparel for gifting me my current fave jacket! Love the use of two different fabrics. Love the cut. Love the fit! ROOM is giving 20% discount to their items (excludes consignment items) right now, just quote SIXPEGS. 🙂 Thank you Caely from Shunji Matsuo 313 for the cut and colour too! Totally digging it, big time!


Sunday’s dinner was at the cute little Le’toile Cafe at Owen Road! A and I had been hungry the whole day because we were busy doing our work and missed all our meals, and we were really looking forward to check out this cafe we heard about. It was really nice to know that the cafe opens until as late as 10pm too. Here are some pictures of the cafe. I love the building the cafe is located in! So cute! It is a really quiet area so this would be a great place for people who want to get away from the bustling town area. The Japanese/French style cafe looks really welcoming with a small area near the main entrance that carries cute accessories and other merchandise. It is a 2 storey cafe and there are quite a lot of tables around. I like how almost all the tables in this cafe are different! Very cosy place, and there are a lot of books and magazines littered all around for patrons too. We picked …