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Chateau TCC 51967

For a start, I would like to publicly proclaim my love for these black and white houses.
They are SO pretty!

Dinner last night was at Ki-Sho, a fine Japanese restaurant along Scotts Road.
But before I tempt you to death with the pictures of the food they serve,
I would like to thank ROOM Apparel for gifting me my current fave jacket!
Love the use of two different fabrics. Love the cut. Love the fit!
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Thank you Caely from Shunji Matsuo 313 for the cut and colour too!
Totally digging it, big time!

ROOM Apparels Blog Review

Chateau TCC 51957

Ki-Sho is an idyllic zen-garden sanctuary located at 29 Scotts Road.
Ki-Sho is the epitome of aristocratic craftsmanship and fine culinary art,
which is clearly reflected throughout its interior design and Chef Hamamoto’s creations.
They are only open for dinner from 6.30pm daily except Sundays;
and you can choose to have the six- or nine-course Omakase set menu priced at $300++ and $450++ respectively.

We picked the six-course dinner and the presentation and taste of the food blew our minds!


The first course was Kyoto Yaki Nasu Jelly which is the blissful marriage of
eggplant, wild yam, ikura and okra.
It was so smooth and simply an explosion of flavours!


Second dish Kegani with prawn jelly was served in kegani (horsehair crab) shell.


The mixture of different texture in one dish was genius. And I have to say the touch of gold was splendid too!
What can I say? Girls just like some bling bling. :p

I am big on uni but this one really changed my mind about uni.


Fresh Hokkaido uni made from combination of red and purple sea urchin roe,
served with caviar and vinegar jelly.
It’s SO creamy and well-balanced with the clever use of the light and tangy vinegar jelly.
Seriously, the uni is so fresh it doesn’t even smell like the regular uni I’ve tried before.


Fourth dish – sashimi!
I live and would die for good sashimi.
Chef Hamamoto is so friendly and puts so much attention to details.
He asked us what kind of sashimi we like before his preparation and he really made us feel at home.
He even thanked me for taking pictures of his food and
jokingly requested for me to “please take more nice photos”. :p


This is to-die-for!
Love the hamachi and the lightly grilled eel.
The scallops are so fresh, they don’t even taste like scallops (in a good way)!


A and I were already pretty full at this point of time and we are barely halfway through dinner.
I enjoyed the pace that food is served;
and being able to watch Chef Hamamoto in action while sipping hot sake definitely kept me entertained too.

Yurine and Tarabe deep fried dumpling with Tougan soup.
I know that’s quite a mouthful.
Yurine is lily root. I did some research and realised that this root ONLY grows in Japan.
And the soup is prepared using tougan, which is winter melon in Japanese.
I have never tasted anything like that before. It was really mad delicious!
And is that flowers in my food?! Omg.



This is Charcoal Grilled Gunma Toriyama Wagyu served with freshly grated wasabi, sea salt, garlic chips
and tomato (my goodness, they peeled the tomato’s skin which is awesome because I hate the skin).
I savoured the wagyu cubes with the different condiments and my favourite is to pair it with
garlic chips and a little bit of sea salt. 🙂


Sidenote: I really love the freshly grated wasabi!


Thought you’ve had the best Nigiri sushi?
Wait till you’ve tried Chef Hamamoto’s Assorted Nigiri Sushi!


This is basically the same elements you get in an assortment of Nigiri sushi but served in a different way.
That rice! HAS UNI IN IT!
A is officially addicted to this one.

And desserts!
Yamanashi Momo Peach, Hojicha Monaka Warabimochi and Matcha Chocolate. Crazy crazy good!


On the whole, I am just full of praises for Ki-Sho – from food, ambience to customer service.
If you’re thinking of bringing your loved ones for a good Japanese dinner, here are the details you need:

ADDRESS | 29 Scotts Road Singapore 228224
HOURS | Monday to Saturday and Public Holidays 6:30pm to 11:00pm
DRESS CODE | Smart Casual

Thank you for the wonderful evening, Ki-Sho!

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