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My Grandparents

I visited my uncle’s place last weekend and came across a photo album with all the old photos. The first time I laid eyes on these photos, I froze. Because I see my Grandma came back to life again. She was young. And very beautiful. Amongst all the discussions with my uncles and aunties about how my Grandma was only 19 when this photo was taken, and about how much my Mom really looks like my Grandma, a frightful thought dawned upon me – my Grandma was once like me, young and free, thinking she would be young forever. I don’t know whether I will bore you to tears with this post. For me, I enjoyed listening to stories about the older generations. My uncles and aunts told me they used to wake up in the morning with bleeding toes because they were bitten by mice They also told me about how my Mom was rebellious enough to steal her passport and go Japan for half a year with her then-boyfriend. One that left the …


It has been one year. For our first year anniversary, I set out to write a book just for her eyes only. Here is just a few pages of the book to let it be part of my personal blog. A, thanks for being such a wonderful partner. It has been a fucking awesome 365 days for me. Love.