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I spy, I spy. I spied some free mints at The Tiramisu Hero Café. All thanks to BLINK mints, the customers at our café can now sample some mints while waiting for their meals or after their dinners! 😀 The mints came in huge cartons and I spent a good 10-15 mins looking for a nice container for these super YUMMY mints! I settled for this cute mini sack (which is also available for sale at our café’s retail corner), and the mints look super cute in it at the counter! I get a lot of customers asking me where they can buy those mints (while some just grab handfuls of them and put into their bags; I can see you although I’m making coffee, you know. Haha!).


No time for hair treatments in salons? Lie in bed every night worrying about your hair fall problem? Or frown at that receding hairline every time you pull your hair back? If you caught yourself nodding, then you’re not alone. Most people think hair fall problems only occur among ladies with longer hair, but that is in no way true! Although females sporting a short crop do not comb their hair as often as those with long hair, the amount of styling products used by the former pose as potential threats to damaging otherwise healthy hair. Coupled with damages from the environment and other factors like over-exposure in the sun, excessive use of the hairdryer, hair fall is definitely a problem all women share. I am excited to write about this new range of products from Dove today because it has blew me away completely! I have been a regular customer of Dove products, but the usual things I buy off the shelves are just the usual shampoo and conditioner. Chancing upon this new Hair …